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New Emperor: Ferrari 599 GTO

Ferrari 599 is one of my favourite car. It has everything which you are looking for in a supercar. Technology from F1, V12 engine, enormous amount of power, comfort, luxury, heritage, offering sportiveness and comfort at the same time and many more things. For me it is quite hard to compare with any other car. Of course this uniqueness has a very huge price! And that's one of the main obstacle between the car and people.

Hopefully a new 599 edition will be introduced, 599 GTO. It will have the DNAs from 1960s with stripes and exterior colours and unbelievable 700 horsepower engine! Yes, 700 horse power! Forget Aston Martin DBS, McLaren MP4 player, Mercedes SLS AMG or anything else. This will be the best GT on planet! It has both heritage, F1 technology and 700 horse power. Ferrari 599 GTO is ultimate car and best for its price. I know that it is really expensive but compare with others and compare what 599 GTO is offering :) I know that you can be between Aston Martin DBS and Ferrari 599. And it is really hard to resist Aston Martin's designs. It is directly influencing the part in the brain which is avoiding anything else rather than design. When you see a DBS, you forget everything but this new 599 GTO will be a very strong memory in sub consciousness! And it will be serious competitor ;)

So, Ferrari 599 GTO is a great car which offers everything including iPod connectivity. I really wonder who cares about iPod in a Ferrari 599!

Pictures are from;
Ferrari and Worldcarfans Website
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Another interesting invention from Mercedes!

Mercedes is very good at introducing senseless car. They manage to do this with the interesting R Class! Despite being one of the very slow selling car on Mercedes range, they were offering R63 AMG as the most ridiculous car on planet. A car which neither looks like an SUV nor estate was offered with 510 horse power engine. Hopefully, they realized their mistake and it is not sale anymore :)

Interestingly Mercedes did not learn anything from this experience and they are planning to offer an AMG to new B Class. For those of you, who has no idea what B Class it; that is a longer version of A Class and named as Sports Tourer. I really don't know the different between A and B Class except their length, but Mercedes is keen on to introduce B Class as something different. The similarity between A and B Class became an obstacle for both cars to achieve better sales performance.

Based on WorldCarFans's news; Mercedes is planning to offer an alternative to Audi S3 by introducing Mercedes B Class AMG! This is the best idea I have ever heard for last ten years after R63 AMG! I really wonder who is going to buy a car which is twice the higher than its competitor and has nothing in common except being on same market!

Whatever technology will be offered on new B Class AMG model will never ever help to win the battle between Audi S3 or Ford Focus RS or Golf GTi or any car which is on same segment. B Class is a car for families who does not wish to go fast! Competitors like Audi S3 is totally offering something different.
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Bugatti Watch

If you are a very rich person, I am pretty sure that you have different problems than us. As many of us do not own a Bugatti or SLR or Aston Martin; we don't suffer their problems. However, as your wealth increases, your problems are increasing also. Every good thing has a bad side.

As you have more money, you will have more opportunity to buy more cars or more expensive ones. While replacing your cars, you won't stop just that; you will also replace your life style also. So you will replace your watch. When you buy a Bugatti Galibier, you won't be using your ordinary Swatch while driving your four door Bugatti car. This new Galibier, is a four door concept vehicle from Bugatti and in 2013 it is going to be manufactured.

So why I am talking about Bugatti and watch. This new four door Bugatti Galiber will have a very new distinctive features! A watch which can be used in both inside the car and in your arm. I know it sounds a bit weird. Let me explain it; when you get into your car, you will take out your watch and put into the place in car. And you will do the same when you walk out of the car. So when you buy a four door Bugatti, you will also have a wearable car watch.

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The most elegant uncool car : )

This title sounds a bit irrelevant, if it is uncool how it can be cool? A contradiction! That's the Mercedes R Class. It is one of the achievement of failure by Mercedes. This car is excellent on paper but disaster on real life. This is the most unwanted case while created a new segment by introducing a new car. However, things did not go well with R Class. It was highly priced or over priced like other Mercedes cars, consumers could not understand what it is. An estate car or SUV ! Actually it is a combination of an estate car and an SUV. It has a huge boot and four wheel drive system, but it is not very hard to get on it like a SUV and not ugly like an estate car and sufficient boots size unlike S Class.

In general, that's a great car with ridiculous seating setting. 2 + 2 + 2, only six people could be accommodated and fifth person should seat in the third row which is quite hard to pass. So, Stuttgart realized this mistake after couple of years. It took very long time to realize their fehler! Then they offered proper seven seat setting with rear wheel drive option and it was still an excellent senseless car. Consumer could not identify what it is and it caused serious sales performance. Many times, rumours emerged and Mercedes was planning to stop producing R Class due to very low sales performance. Now it is on the edge for decision.

How this car became cool? I have noticed this car in movie "Valentino: The Last Emperor", as I wrote recently, it is about Valentino and his fashion brand. And shootings made in daily life without a scenario and his car can be spotted more easily. And it is a Mercedes R Class, probably V6 model, if it was V8 model it will sound significantly different.

A fashion designer who contributed to fashion world for forty five years with remarkable design was driving a Mercedes R Class. So, automatically R Class became the most elegant uncool car on planet :) I think Mercedes should use this to catch attention on R Class !

Pictures are from;
Movie; Valentino: The Last Emperor
Mercedes Website

Traduzione di Google

Questo titolo suona un po 'irrilevante, se è cool come può essere cool? Una contraddizione! Questa è la Mercedes Classe R. E 'una delle raggiungimento di fallimento da Mercedes. Questa vettura è ottima sulla carta, ma disastro sulla vita reale. Questo è il caso più indesiderate mentre creato un nuovo segmento con l'introduzione di una nuova auto. Tuttavia, le cose non sono andate bene con Classe R. E 'stato molto a pagamento o su un prezzo come altre vetture Mercedes, i consumatori non riusciva a capire quello che è. Una station wagon o SUV! In realtà si tratta di una combinazione di una station wagon e un SUV. Ha un boot enorme e sistema di trazione integrale, ma non è molto difficile da ottenere su di essa come un SUV e non brutta come una station wagon e sufficiente a differenza di dimensione stivali S Class.

In generale, questa è una grande macchina con impostazione posti a sedere ridicolo. 2 + 2 + 2, solo sei persone potrebbero essere soddisfatte, a persona, quinta seduta in terza fila che è molto difficile da passare. Così, Stoccarda realizzato questo errore dopo paio di anni. Ci volle molto tempo per realizzare il loro Fehler! Poi hanno offerto corretta impostazione di sette posti con possibilità di trazione posteriore ed era ancora una vettura eccellente senza senso. Dei consumatori non potrebbero identificare ciò che è e che ha causato gravi performance di vendita. Molte volte, le voci emerse e Mercedes stava pensando di smettere di produrre Classe R, a causa della bassissima performance di vendita. Ora è al limite per la decisione.

Come questa macchina è diventato cool? Ho notato questa macchina nel film "Valentino: The Last Emperor, come ho scritto di recente, si tratta di Valentino e il suo marchio di moda. E riprese effettuate nella vita quotidiana, senza uno scenario e la sua macchina possono essere individuati più facilmente. Ed è una Mercedes Classe R, probabilmente V6 modello, se era il modello V8 suonerà notevolmente diversi.
Un designer di moda che hanno contribuito al mondo della moda per quarantacinque anni con un design degno di nota è alla guida di una Mercedes Classe R. Quindi, automaticamente la Classe R è diventata l'auto più elegante cool del pianeta:) Penso che Mercedes debba usare questo per attirare l'attenzione su Classe R!
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Valentino: Last Emperor

Today I watched the movie “Valentino: The Last Emperor” and it was really nice movie. The story was discussing the passion of Valentino on his job, on his brand and trying to kept it isolated from other firms to buy it. All the time, we see one thing in Valentino; Passion! This passion emerged a brand and motivated him to stay in fashion business for forty five years. And transforming a name into a fashion icon.

Unfortunately, nowadays becoming a brand is associated with spending on PR and advertisement, finding some slogans, giving message and many more thing which you can easily find in magazines. Actually those things help to make a brand stronger but not for a long time. A brand can evolve into a proper brand only with passion! I know passion does not make cash but provides stamina to jump over obstacles.

Brand Valentino can be seen in automotive business also, especially Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin, TVR and many others are built up with passion and still lives with passion and under a different brand.

I think Valentino should extend its passion, essence and elegance to a car. But a very specific car which can define Valentino very easily and it should also reflect the elegance. It shouldn’t be a mass production car like German brand, uniqueness is the key element. Then it comes to Maserati. Beautifully designed, elegant, not a part of popular culture, passionate design. GranTurismo and Quattroporte models are fitting with Valentino brand to be expanded on automotive business.

Cars will offer only one colour, specially designed interior, every detail should preserve the Valentino signature and its engine should be remapped or anything else. Interior should not be preferred by customer, it will be offered by Valentino like they did with clothes. If consumers start to change colours and other thing, there won’t be any point to put a Valentino name on those cars.

Pictures are from;
Valentino and Maserati Websites

Traduzione di Google
Oggi ho visto il film "Valentino: The Last Emperor", ed è stato davvero bello film. La storia stava discutendo la passione di Valentino per il suo lavoro, il suo marchio e cercando di teneva isolata da altre imprese per comprarla. Per tutto il tempo, si vede una cosa in Valentino; passione! Questa passione è emerso un marchio e spinto a rimanere in attività della moda per quarantacinque anni. E trasformare un nome in un icona della moda.

Purtroppo, al giorno d'oggi di diventare un marchio associato a spese per relazioni pubbliche e pubblicità, trovando qualche slogan, dando messaggio e molti altri che cosa si può facilmente trovare nelle riviste. In realtà queste cose contribuiscono a rendere un brand più forte, ma non per molto tempo. Una marca può evolvere in un marchio proprio solo con passione! So che la passione non fa cassa, ma fornisce la resistenza di saltare oltre gli ostacoli.

Marchio Valentino può essere visto in attività automobilistiche anche, in particolare Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin, TVR e molti altri sono costruiti con passione e vive ancora con passione e con un marchio diverso.

Penso che Valentino dovrebbe estendere la sua passione, l'essenza e l'eleganza di una macchina. Ma una macchina molto specifico che può definire Valentino molto facilmente e si dovrebbe anche riflettere l'eleganza. Non dovrebbe essere una macchina di produzione di massa come il marchio tedesco, l'unicità è l'elemento chiave. Poi si parla di Maserati. Splendido design, elegante, non una parte della cultura popolare, design appassionato. GranTurismo e Quattroporte sono modelli di raccordo con il marchio Valentino che può essere estesa business automobilistico.

Auto offrirà un solo colore, appositamente progettati interno, ogni dettaglio deve conservare la firma di Valentino e il suo motore dovrebbe essere rimappata o qualsiasi altra cosa. Interni non devono essere preferiti dal cliente, sarà offerto da Valentino come hanno fatto con i vestiti. Se i consumatori cominciano a cambiare i colori e altra cosa, non ci sarà nessun punto di mettere un nome di Valentino su tali macchine.
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BMW GT !?!

I don't know why, but BMW started to introduce weird looking pointless cars. I am not talking about X3 or X1, I am talking about estate looking GT models. Yes, I said models plural! Because, BMW is thought that the ridiculous BMW 5 GT is a very good car to be produced and people are running after it. Now they are planning to extend this pointlessness to new 3 Series.

And don't think that BMW's GT cars are proper GT! They are just raised higher estate cars. They have nothing in common with a proper GT :(

I know that, BMW is trying to create a new segment and increase their sales and also increase competitive power. But with a car which looks half estate and half nothing will not help! Remember the Mercedes R Class!

Pictures are from;
WorldCarFans and BMW Websites
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Porsche: 1 - Toyota: 0

Many people will say Toyota is the most reliable car earth. My uncle's sister's daughter’s nephew's son has a Toyota and it never break down. Yes, that's true! Your unknown relative's Toyota may not break down for long year but it does not anything to break down. I have never heard a very innovative technology from Toyota. They are just saying reliability and dull looking. Okay, Lexus introduced some new technologies but they don't like to take these kinds of risks. However, a very primitive part of the car caused Toyota to collapse. Gas pedal!

J.D. Power announces reliability index every year for automotive brands. Research is conducted in USA but it provides a good perspective understand which is better and which is worse. And interesting there is an unexpected brand in first place; Porsche :) Yes, the sports car manufacturer who is expert in producing 911. Now it is the most reliable manufacturer on the list. Interestingly Porsche's have many new technology even in facelifts. For instance; face lifted 911 Turbo is offering a new technology which reduces engine movement during cornering. Hydralic system is working like a suspension for engine and it prevent engine to cause under steer or over steer, as it is the heaviest part of the car. Also PDK, double clutch auto transmission, many electronic systems.

Sorry Toyota, you are the best anymore! Even if you did not have the problem with gas pedal, still you don't take risks like Porsche to offer new technologies. By the way, Mercury and Buick are also more reliable than Toyota.

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BMW, my wife is not Heidi Klum !

BMW recently announced that 80 percentages of BMW 1 Series drivers think that 1 Series is a front wheel driven car! Vowww! This is a serious fact about drivers. They don't interest on their cars. 80 percentage of driver has no idea what their car is. As a matter of fact, we can see that who is paying ridiculous amount of money to ridiculous cars!

Interesting fact with BMW, they have produced a front wheel driven car yet! BMW was the only company which is offering rear wheel drive in small hatchbacks. Even the Mercedes A Class is front wheel drive. I can assume that, 1 Series drivers did not look at their back seats! Why? Because, there is a small sized Everest on floor at the back. It is called shaft tunnel. All rear wheel drive cars have the small sized mountain at their back seats (between two seats). The shaft is moving along that tunnel to rear wheels.

OK, everyone is not interested on cars like me. I can understand but haven't you notice that rear wheel have the traction. It can be felt on snow or rainy day. I don't think that eighty percentage of 1 Series owners are living in desert. Anyway, this is a good feedback for BMW, which is planning to introduce Mini sized front wheel drive small car. And by this way, it will compete with its own brand; Mini! Audi will thank you for this decision ;)

Now, let's come to Heidi Klum. I think you all know who she is! She is one of the most popular super model on earth. Tall, blond, charming. Actually these physical characteristics can be seen in many other girls. Heidi is not the only blond and tall person on earth. So, if eighty percentages of 1 Series owners think that their car is front wheel drive, because of its size. They can also think that their wife is Heidi Klum, if she is blond, tall and charming :)

Picture are from;
BMW Web Site
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2007

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McLaren Aether, better than MP4-12C ?

I don't like to start writing from a negative side but, I have to start this time. I have always mentioned that, a car should have a proper and pronounceable name! But the perfectionist car manufacturer McLaren produced the most sophisticated car on earth and name it like MP3 player!

After the McLaren F1, we did not see a road going version of a McLaren until the disaster of SLR McLaren. Technically SLR McLaren was a piece of engineering but this did not help to lost its value in second hand market. Engineers and consumers are thinking in a totally different way.

Engineer, it based on the word engine!  And that's the most important part of the car and made from steel and does not have any emotions at all. Consumer, is based on the word consume. And that means, buy a product, consumer it, and throw it away. When engineer and consumer words intersect on business environment, which is called a car dealer, things may not go that well all the time! Consumers are expecting more than engineering in a car. They want passion, uniqueness, excitement and also a good name. Not something a like a chassis number or MP3 player as a name.

Unfortunately, McLaren's success in car engineering cannot be observed when they name their cars :( May be Ron Dennis doesn't like branding. And name their most important not in an appropriate way.

Nowadays; if you are going to reveal a car and planning to make a sensation, please focus on the branding a little bit more. Why? Because, people should remember your car easily, if they are planning to buy one and they should not associate unusual notions! Unfortunately, people might associate McLaren's new car with something unusual, a MP3 or MP4 players. MP4-12C might sound cool or help engineers to separate it from Formula 1 cars, but it will not help to differentiate itself from its competitors! It is terribly hard to remember MP4-12C! Instead, everyone will call it "new McLaren" or "MP4 something". They will not have problem to remember MP4, because there are MP4 players currently available on market!

Why I do write these thing on a Saturday night? Because, ideas were so strong in my mind and I could not stop writing it! This car is one of the most smart car on earth and it is not produced in Germany! That's the important point, if a car is not produced in Germany and offering very sophisticated technology you must keep an eye on it :) I will mention only one feature of this car. There is an on board diagnostics system on this car, it may sound senseless for some of you but it is totally a revolution in car business. This car can detect a problem, identify it and contacts with workshop for preparing necessary part (it will communicate by mobile infrastructure not in a magical way). This kind of technology can be seen in some trucks or in air planes. Usually, in most of the cars there is an orange light or "please visit workshop" message to warn driver for any existing problem with the car. Moreover, it won't describe the problem and never communicates with workshop.

McLaren is created a new era in automotive industry and ignoring the second most important thing after engineering in automotive industry, branding! Remember the Bugatti Atalante! Excellent engineering, state of art design and a unique name.

My suggestion; name this car as McLaren Aether. Aether is the first-born elemental Greek gods. He is the personification of the upper sky, space, and heaven in Greek Mythology. How long did it take to find this name? Only half an hour of reading a book about mythology :)

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Connect with Iphone forget the Nokia

Nokia is one of the oldest phone manufacturers on earth! I am sure anyone who has mobile number once in a life time used a Nokia phone! Nobody can ignore the mile stone role of Nokia on mobile communication. Even in mid 1990s, they were involved in unique, ergonomics and never gave up on PR Campaigns.

Despite Nokia iconic contribution to mobile industry, Apple directly dominated the market which was totally emerged by Nokia! My interest was caught in here; Iphone or Ipod connection in cars' option list. This is not something unusual, it is very good way to listen your music and talk with your phone. The interesting point why Nokia did not introduce something "Connect with Nokia" or something similar to this!

They were major leader in mobile phone industry and they could have offerred this earlier or even now. Still I don't see any connectivity feature of Nokia like Iphone. We are living in a world, old cheap car manufacturers are increasing their production quality and luxury car manufacturers diminish their quality.
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What to wear with my Aston Martin Cygnet ?

I do know that Aston Martin is a very sexy car! But there is a minor issue with Cygnet, it is based on a Toyota iQ. The best looking small car with pathetic infrastructure, welcome real world :)

I really admire the work of Aston Martin design team, they have created the best looking small car from a Toyota, and I consider this as a great achievement!

A few hours ago, I have just seen the new pictures of Cygnet! And I assume that, it will be ladies the most favourite car :) Cygnet is offered by various paint jobs. You can have animal print, your favourite paint or anything else. It is totally unlimited! This is very good way to add a character to a car, and differentiate it on market. Cygnet seriously needs this!

Everyone knows, that's a Toyota, but offering a unique character to each individual model will help people forget the Toyota factor hindered inside the body!

Anyway, after this unique paint job offering, I am pretty sure that, many ladies who never thought about the Cygnet will be yearning to own one with their favourite animal print. Why? Because, it will be matching with their hand bags and shoes ;) And you might see this kind of fashion photo in Vogue in near future :) Which shoes fits with your Cygnet best ! Cars are becoming part of fashion ;)

Picture are from;
Aston Martin and Net-A-Porter Websites

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Driving in UK in 1930s

I have just found this video from Ford Europe's Twitter message. Video is explaining what you should do in your driving examination. The interesting things are, you have to use your arm as a signal, as a stop light and as a take over me. At those years, I guess engineers forgot to place light back end of the cars! Hopefully they did not forgot to place headlights ;)

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Back Ends

In magazines, catalogs; actually in every printed material we always see the front ends of the cars. Of course, they will show the front, because the car is moving forward not backward. So the back is not that important! However, some cars does not have that good looking design at their back ends. May be design teams did not pay the same attention to back end ;) However some cars have a very good looking at their back end like their front end ;)

Porsche 911 - Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Edition
Range Rover - Ferrari 458
Maserati GranTurismo - Aston Martin DBS

Pictures are from;
Porsche, Mercedes, Land Rover, Ferrari, Maserati and Aston Martin Websites
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Mercedes SLS AMG and Pamela Anderson's Boobs!

I am pretty sure that, anyone who is reading this blog knows who Pamela Anderson is! She became famous with Bay Watch and her silicone boobs :) Actually she became an icon for charming woman and for silicones also. Nobody could deny her contribution to silicone implants business! Therefore she should be awarded for this :)

Again Mercedes SLS AMG; a few days ago I have checked our retro iconic car's configurator website. And I noticed something. SLS AMG does not have the AMG suspensions as standard, like E Coupe does not have the AMG suspensions as standard. For E Coupe, that's normal because it is an AMG or nobody have written AMG next to its name. So, people can pay extra for AMG suspensions in an E Coupe. However, SLS AMG has the brilliant marketing tactic and offering AMG suspensions in an AMG car which cost ridiculous expensive as an €1428 option! Yes, in Germany you have to pay €1428 for AMG suspensions in SLS AMG. I mentioned Germany specifically, because this option will cost more in other countries.

Let's combine the Pamela Anderson and SLS AMG. Unfortunately, SLS AMG is not charming like her or iconic like her. But let's think in this way, Pamela Anderson without her silicones will be senseless! And everyone knows this; in TV series, TV shows or movies her silicones are the eye catching point. Also she is making wealth by show business! For instance, if Pamela Anderson receives an offer to act in TV Series, will she add extra "silicone boobs" fee? Of course not, she knows that people love her silicones and that's one of the main consistent of her brand image. So she won't ask something ridiculous like this. Let's summarize it very clearly; Mercedes SLS AMG's optional AMG suspensions have the same senselessness of Pamela Anderson to ask for extra fee for her silicones!

People will not care if Pamela Anderson asks for more fee but asking for more for suspensions will not be accepted like that ;)
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What to wear with Viktor&Rolf?

Recently, I have posted an interesting dress from Viktor&Rolf. I am not a fashion expert but for spring summer collection it will be a very warm dress! Probably someone who buys this dress will have a sauna effect without going to sauna!

I have suggestion to for people who will buy this dress! If you are planning to wear this dress, you have to drive something fits with this dress. I am not talking about shoes or bag, I am talking about cars! You cannot wear this dress and drive a Mini or Audi A4. They will not fit with the dress and also you will not able to fit into car with this dress. So my suggestion is Mercedes G55 AMG!

As you can see this car have the aggressive look of Viktor&Rolf's dress and their colors are matching. Most probably you will fit into car without any problem :)
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The Real SLS AMG Interior !

Date: 13/02/2007, Time: 03.56AM, Location: Mercedes Headquarter, Stuttgart, Germany

This dialogue is between two Mercedes staff who are working on SLS AMG project. Don't be fooled, this is imaginary :)

-Guten Tag!
-Guten Tag! (I don't know why they wanted to say this!)
-Was macht du?
-Ich denke an SLS AMG Interieur.
-Was ist das Problem?
-Machen billig! Gut aussehen!
-Ich habe eine Idee
-Ja, Ja!
-Nehmen Comand-System von C-Klasse :)
-That's a great idea! (He is excited and started speaking in English)

And here is the translation;
-Hey what are you doing at this time here?
-I got bored and came to work. (Actually there is a reasonable reason why they are at work on this time:) )
-I have a problem with SLS AMG.
-The new fake Gullwing?
-Yes, design team was lazy and they just revised the 300SL.
-I thought they stopped this. They used photocopy machine to design the first C Class by decreasing the size of S Class.
-Yes, they stopped the photocopy machine. It broke down after using a decade.
-What is the problem with SLS AMG?
-The interior. It should be exquisite and cheap to make.
-Why don't take the interior from C-Class.
-It won't be nice!
-Who cares :)
-OK, let's do it.

Sorry for this imaginary conversation. But I don't have any other chance to explain the horrible interior of SLS AMG. You are paying a huge amount of money and you will have plastic radio! People who are paying nearly €200 000 do not wish to see something plastic. If they wish, they would buy the C Class.

The original Gullwing was decades beyond it time! Therefore people still love that car. If you wish to introduce an iconic car like that, you should design something which is beyond our time!

Pictures are from;
Mercedes and Wikipedia Websites
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Supercar is a diamond

Diamonds are the dreams of many women. They look at them everytime walk near by a jewerelly shop, they try to look their friend's new ring, look at magazines. Basically, they want one regardless of size but one! I don't generalize :) They dream the day, they will own one!

Let's change the object quickly. Supercars; men are looking and taking pictures of supercars. Reading magazines, watching Top Gear and dreaming to drive one. Feeling power, feeling privilidge, emotions.

When a man and woman have enough money to buy diamond or supercar, what they do? They do the same :) Kept it in somewhere nobody can touch it and I cannot even see it! A rich woman bought an expensive diamond. She will wear it couple of times and start to feel uncomfortable. It is very expensive, I waited for many years, someone might steal it, I might lost it and it goes on like this. What happen? Diamond will stay in safe box until the owner forgets it.

When a rich man bought a supercar, he will drive fast, find out its power and etc. After couple of weeks, he will start to think too much! Someone can hit my car, someone might destroy the paint and car will end up in a garage forever.

In the end; dreaming of owning a diamond or a supercar is so strong that, it will prevent you to feel the pleasure of using it :)

Pictures are from;
Bentley and DeBeers Websites
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1000th unique viewer

Since I started this blog, I had many readers from whole over the world. Some of them are reading it very often. Doing a blog by yourself and being read by people is quite hard to achieve! Hopefully, everyday many people are reading my blogs. And a few minutes ago 1000th viewered just read my blog. This shows that 1000 different person read this blog since 20th of December 2009.

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Colorful Mercedes SLS AMG

Anyone who is interested on car know that German car manufacturers are not very generous on color options! I don't know why but they stuck on grey, grey, grey, white, red and black also. This color range shows their senseless character in automotive. I know that grey and German cars have emotional bound but customers may not wish to create some stupid relationships with colors.

I can understand this small range of colors in cheaper models but a car which cost €180 000 in Germany and named as Mercedes SLS AMG has only 9 colors option and there are five tones of grey! Can you imagine five tones of grey out of nine colors. This is like going to Gordon Ramsay in Mayfair, London and you will have only five different types of water, out of nine drinks including wines! I can see the improvement by offering "red" but this is not enough.

If you are charging enormous amount of money, you should provide not only huge amount of torque but also huge amount of color range :)

If you wish to have some more color range and less grey, you can order a Range Rover Autobiography!
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Interpretation of VW CrossGolf by Paris Fashion Week

Geneva Motor Show and Paris Fashion Week are very important events for their industry. Yes, fashion is an industry also ;) In both these events, companies are introducing their new designs, new products. These events are exciting for people who are interesting to see new designs and new products. It is the same for fashion and automotive.

However, every new product or design is not the smart! In Geneva Motor Show, VW announced its new Golf! That's a product line extension, CrossGolf. That's something between Tiguan (Small SUV) and Golf Plus (Taller Golf). Actually, it is something totally pointless! VW already had a pointless car CrossPolo and its sales performance is similar to Britney Spears's album sales when she was crazy! Anyway, CrossGolf is defined as "Cleverly designed CrossGolf closes the gap between MPV and SUV". Very very very interesting!

VW, why do you search for vehicles which have no future! I know that, PowerPoint slides and statistics show revelant data for this segment but it is just a waste of energy and resource. I am pretty sure that, there are some people will buy CrossGolf. However their percentage will less than people who are going to buy this dress for summer from Viktor&Rolf :)

Pictures are from;
VW and Viktor&Rolf Websites
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Fashion Magazines vs. Car Magazines: Something in common!

When I started reading at the age of six (I think), at the same time I started reading car magazines. Now I am 28, probably I have been reading those magazines for 21 years! Like cars started to change and evolved, car magazines started change and evolve. Now they are more objective and make better judgements and more entertaining and most talking about dreams. Honestly, cars are not very entertaining unless you own one ;) And if you cannot own the exquisite ones, you will have a dream of those cars. You want to read, you want to see them. Magazines are providing those, dreaming while awake! This is one of the reason why people buy car magazines, they want to learn about something which they cannot own or see in real life.

And last one decade, I started to read fashion magazines. Actually I started from GQ, man fashion magazine. And time to time I read Vogue, actually I was very curious about that magazine. It was so thick and heavy for magazine! It was like a book which is published totally brand new every month. Then I took and look what is inside that so thick magazine. Like thick car magazines, it is dominated by advertisements! Advertisements are not boring like the one on TV. They also educating customers on new products ;) I also realized something, fashion magazines are opening the gates of exclusive brands. People can see the details of new shoes, colors of new handbag from Italy. The dresses they dream all day, they can see the details on those magazines. Even if you cannot afford the brand you adore the most, you can look at them in magazines.

You can see that car and fashion magazines are offering the same thing. Day Dreaming! Despite this similarity, they both ignore each other. For car magazines, fashion is not important (eq. Jeremy Clarkson's sense of fashion.) and for fashion magazines, cars are boring. It is very rare to see each of them together in one magazine. GQ is doing this very well but only GQ!

Let's think in a different way, people who are looking at those expensive shoes and dresses are also potential customers of exquisite cars. They may not be wondering the cars' torque levels but they want something nice; because nobody wants to travel with designer brand in a car which looks dull. And for people who are looking at car magazines should wear something to cover their body. If they can afford to buy those cars, they can also afford those fashion brands. Even if, they cannot neither car nor clothes; associating two different types of goods in one magazine will help readers to associate exquisite cars with designer brands. And they when see a Maserati, they might recall Etro or Fendi; also when they see Christian Louboutin, they might recall Ferrari.

It is that simple!

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Net-A-Porter, TopGear, Vogue Turkey Website
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Hyundai vs. Louis Vuitton

Hyundia and Louis Vuitton are totally two different planets. They have share nothing in common! Their target groups are different, people who preffer Louis Vuitton don't prefer Hyundia and it goes on like this. I know there might be some exceptions but they are totally two different brands. Until now!

Recently Hyundia US started to show a new commercial for New Sonata which using luxury icons like lobster, caviar, mega yacht and luxury basket ball. However, there something odd here! Boys are playing with a ball which has the same brown color with Louis Vuitton bags! And the logos on the ball are recalling LV. Actually Hyundia did not accept this and they are on court right now. Interesting case ;)

Here is the commercial; or click this link

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