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Interview with PR Manager of Dune Shoes: Claire Cormack: Tips for Working in Fashion

Interview with PR manager of Dune Shoes, Claire Cormack. I am back with YouTube interviews but totally in a new environment, fashion. And my first interview with Claire Cormack, Dune Shoes. She gave some good tips for people who are looking forward to work in fashion industry.

Also Claire talked about the new Dune Shoes collection and you can see some heels as well ;)

More is here :)

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Mercedes with Illuminated Star: Really Necessary?

Mercedes with illuminated central grill star. Mercedes recently started to offer illuminated star with M, GL, C, CLS and E-Class models. Unfortunately, this feature is not available with A, B and GLK-Class models. Basically, if you are wealthy, you can blind your star. 

Actually, I was planning to write something funny about this feature but I changed my mind. Because, I was trying to understand why Mercedes offers a feature, which is mainly aimed for posing. I am sure illuminated star is a part of the design element but customers will not perceive in the same way. Therefore, identify of the feature will not match with the image.

Does Mercedes need brand awareness? I really don’t think so, everyone on this planet knows Mercedes. There is always a Mercedes in everywhere on this planet, so the three-point star does not have any problem with brand awareness. So, why people should need to represent their Mercedes even at night? Actually, is it necessary to do? Even at night, we can understand a Mercedes very easily, it is not like Pagani only few people know the brand name. 

I know after this post some people will say, there are brands doing this as well. But Mercedes is a cult, an icon. It is associated with wealth and success. Yes, other brands also mean this but no one can emphasise like Mercedes.

My opinion instead of getting this feature, go for Distronis Plus system. It will save your life and more functional then illuminated star.

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Official BMW i3 Camouflaged Spy Photos

BMW i3 is officially spied, sorry official spy photos were released or someone took the spy photos and revealed as official. Let me justify this, usually website or blogs reveal spy photos with camouflage cover. However, BMW moved one step ahead and released the camouflaged photos on BMW i Facebook Page.  

BMW i3 is powered by an electric motor wit 170 HP with 250 Nm of torque. Acceleration to 100 km/h is only 7.9 seconds with the top speed of 150 km/h. A single charge range is between 130 – 160 km. Also i3 REx model will feature an on-board generator to extend the range up to 300 km. And i3 REx will be the best seller thanks to on-board generator. You will feel safer with a generator with you.

And why don't BMW offer camouflage texture as a paint option. I am sure some people will love to buy it.

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New Jeep Cherokee 2014: Designed by Aliens

New Jeep Cherokee 2014; the most interesting car of this year. Why? Because new Jeep Cherokee was designed by Aliens. Why I say this? When you look at the front of the new Jeep Cherokee, you can clearly see a very thin line of headlight inspired by Aliens face, which we see on Men In Black movies. I know this sound really idiotic but I ran out of words to describe new Jeep Cherokee.

Actually I cannot justify the headlights of new Jeep Cherokee. They all look weird and probably impossible to differentiate their functions. And I really don’t like to say this to any vehicle but Jeep Cherokee does not look charming!

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5 000 000 the Audi with Quattro

Audi Quattro, the four-wheel drive system of Audi. 5 000 000 th car in 33 years.

I am definitely sure, you come across with an Audi Quattro in your life at least once. Some of you might recognised it, some of you never realised it. Audi Quattro is the best-recognised four-wheel drive technology in passenger vehicles. Because, Quattro was the first four-wheel technology in passenger vehicles. Later on Mercedes and BMW followed this trend.

Audi Quattro evolved from during the 33 years and the latest one features in Audi A6 allroad 3.0 TDI. Whoever will buy this A6 allroad 3.0 TDI will have the 5 000 000 th Quattro car in the world.

If you have time, try to drive an Audi with Quattro on rain or snow. You won’t understand the difference on dry tarmac that much.

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Dune's Press Shoes

Dune’s press shoes closet! Yes, you read correctly I had chance to visit the secret place of Dune shoes closest in London. For women, this is the dream place to be, unlimited amount of shoes in the same place. If I convert this content to my car blog style, this is the press fleet of Dune shoes :)

All the Dune shoes you see on magazines come from this place and you see the whole collection here. So if you work in Dune shoes one day, you will have access to this place ;)

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Kate Upton Videos from YouTube

Kate Upton, one of the most searches person on internet. Recently, I noticed that many people were searching Kate Upton in my blog and here it is.

A collection of Kate Upton video ;)

More to come this week :)

Here is the second part of the Kate Upton videos. And a few minutes ago, I found this artist short video of Kate Upton by Yu Tsai.

Cat Daddy

The Ellen Show

GQ Behind The Scences

Cover of Sports Illustrated

Carl's Jr and Hardee's Commercial

More is here;

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The Sexiest Harlem Shake Video From Playboy with Playmates

Harlem Shake, I have no idea how this thing became viral so quick like this. I think I need to interpret Harlem Shake under the law of YouTube planet. Anything funny or a bit pointless becomes viral on YouTube and this works for Harlem Shake as well.

As a result of excess amount of Harlem Shake videos on YouTube, I decided to provide a public service, the sexiest Harlem Shake video. I did an intensive research on YouTube and found the best, the sexiest Harlem Shake video.

The Sexiest Harlem Shake video is from Playboy with Playmates. They uploaded their style of Harlem Shake to official Playboy channel. 

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Rolls Royce Ghost in Details

Rolls Royce Ghost, for some people it is the cheaper Rolls Royce based on a BMW 7-Series. However, that’s not the truth. In order to see the difference between the Rolls Royce Phantom and Ghost, I visited the HR Owen Mayfair London dealer of Rolls Royce. My usual place for the London trips!

Rolls Royce Ghost is a proper Rolls Royce with a relatively smaller in dimension and sporty character on driving. I want to justify the smaller in dimension statement, Rolls Royce Ghost is huge! If I consider the Rolls Royce Phantom as a castle, Rolls Royce would be cathedral. Ghost is more focused on driven by yourself rather than driven by the chauffer. 

Interior of Rolls Royce Ghost is what you expect from a Rolls Royce for precision in details and what you expect from a BMW state-of-art technology. The good thing with Rolls Royce Ghost, you have all the technology as such as the safety systems, 8-speed automatic transmission and user-friendly navigation system with exceptional luxury and comfort. 

As usual, Rolls Royce Ghost features eight-zone climate control. Climate control of Ghost is divided into rear and front and they are divided into upper and lower section. Basically, you can have 28 degrees for your feet and 16 degrees for your face, and you will end up sick :) Eight-zone climate control is a very nice toy to play with and try to not catch cold. And all the climate control is control by knobs to reflect Rolls Royce tradition. 

Inside the Rolls Royce Ghost, you will not suffer any lack of light, because every single section of the Ghost is illuminated with LED lights.  If you are bored with the interior lights or climate control, you can play with seat adjustment for each seat inside the Ghost. All seats feature memory function and every single section are controlled by button, heating and ventilation is available as well. 

Another nice feature of the Rolls Royce Ghost is the air suspension adjustment, the system adjusts the stiffness of the suspension according to which place you seat at the rear passenger seats.

Lastly, Ghost features best toy! Self-closing rear doors, by pushing a single button inside the cabin, you can close your door without disturbing your comfort. 

Rolls Royce Ghost is expensive but it does worth the price. And go for the extended wheel base for better journey experience.

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