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Happy New Year: VW Touareg V10 vs. Chevrolet Silverado HD

Happy New Year!

I start 2013 with this hilarious video of pulling two SUVs each other to proof which one is really more powerful and proof the owners' tendency to destroy them. VW Touareg V10 is diesel with 310 HP and 748 Nm of torque. Chevrolet Silverado HD is also powered by a diesel with 365 HP and 894 Nm of torque. 

Despite the numbers, VW Touareg V10 wins the game thanks to its better power transfer from engine to wheels!

Explanation of this action in terms of fashion; trying to pull Aldo shoes with Ted Baker shoes and trying to find out which is more durable!

I hope to less this type of video in 2013 :)

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Last Minute New Year Gift: A Brand New Porsche Carrera GT

Brand New Porsche Carrera GT with 133 km (88 miles) driven for $450,000! Let me give a flash back, Porsche Carrera GT was produced between the year 2004 – 2007 and only 1270 were made. Basically, you cannot buy a brand new Carrera GT because there is no production!

However, someone in USA decided to buy Carrera GT and kept it until 2012! Moreover, the owner literally never drove the Carrera GT! And this sounds a bit unusual but there are many customers are like that, they buy a very expensive and a rare car but never drive it. This is the same case!

A bit information!

Porsche Carrera GT powered by a 5-lt V10 petrol engine with 612 HP and 590 Nm of torque. Needs only 3.7 seconds to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) with the top speed of 330 km/h (205 mph). The engine is coupled with 6-speed manual gearbox, there was not double clutch gearbox option at those years. And the clutch is a ceramic composite one, also the brakes are carbon silicone carbide ceramic.

If you want to buy a brand new Porsche Carrera GT, you only have couple of hours before the auction on eBay finishes. And Porsche bags are included as well ;)

Happy New Year! Probably the best last minutes new year gift.

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Ferrari Maserati of San Francisco Dealer

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Very Creative, Funny, Entertaining Fiat 500L Rap Advertisement

Fiat 500L, definitely not the sexiest car on planet and ruined the retro sexy Fiat 500. However, the advertisement team wanted to turn Fiat 500L into something more charming and necessary by the rap style video "The Motherhood feat. Fiat 500L". I used the word necessary, because the recent advertisement of Fiat UK created a perception for 500L as the necessary vehicle for the mothers. 

Actually, not a bad idea. 500L is really big and offers lots of boots space and five proper doors and proper rear seats. Moreover, it doesn’t look that bad when you compare the other family MPV cars.

After this advertisement from Fiat UK, I started to emerge some sympathy to 500L. Not my type of car but definitely 500L is one of the best car for new families! At least 500L has the DNA of 500!

Lastly, this video will turn into viral! And also not a very song for iTunes!

Here are the technical details:

The Fiat 500L will be available initially with a choice of four low emissions engines (Euro 6 petrol and Euro 5+ diesel), with Start&Stop as standard on TwinAir and MultiJet engines. The full engine line-up comprises the award-winning TwinAir 0.9-litre petrol (105hp), 1.4-litre 16-valve petrol (95hp), 1.3-litre 16-valve MultiJet diesel (85hp) with manual or MTA transmission, and 1.6-litre 16-valve MultiJet diesel (105hp).

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New Interior Design for Future Cadillac Escalade

Good news for the lovers of Cadillac. GMrecently announced that, they will not use the same interior design and part for upcoming Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe / Suburban models.

What does it mean? When you buy a Cadillac Escalade, it features the same interior as the Chevrolet Tahoe. This is a good strategy to reduce costs but is not good for increasing the sales and differentiating a brand. Actually, using same parts in different segmented products also vanishes the premium effect. Basically, sharing the same interior in Cadillac with Chevrolet is not good for Cadillac.

Finally, GM realised this mistake and decided to create individual interiors for different brands. Good news and this may help to increase their competitive advantage in Europe if they coupled the vehicles with diesel engines.

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Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo (Video)

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo or Porsche Estate! This will be a new car from Porsche to extend their product range and compete with the new Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake (Estate) and M5 Estate and RS6 Avant as well. Panamera Sport Turismo is more spacious than the normal Panamera and taller! So, Sport Turismo will be between the Cayenne and Panamera

That's a quite interesting gap and I really wonder what is the motivation to buy a sport estate car? It is totally a different type of thinking and different type of market, which I would never understand. 

However, Porsche did a great with this new Sport Turismo and it looks quite nice. Despite this fact, I would not buy one but if you want something between Cayenne and Panamera, this is the best car for you!

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Alfa Romeo 4C is Coming!

Alfa Romeo 4C is the new sport cars from the Italian manufacturer. 4C is expected to feature 1.8-lt turbo petrol engine with 230 HP with double clutch automatic gearbox and top speed of 250 km/h. 

But nothing is official except this photo.

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Alfa Romeo

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Pirelli PZero High-Heeled Sandals

Pirelli is the Italian tyre manufacturer, everyone knows this. They also release Pirelli Calendar each year with very famous super models, we all know this as well. And recently, Pirelli started a fashion brand called Pirelli PZero and some people know this as well.

Pirelli PZero is based on luxury collection, from clothing to shoes. And in my opinion many of PZero fashion collection is really well designed and worth the price tag! However, this is a man perspective to a company, which has a reputation on car tyres! 

However, I really wish to hear women's view for Pirelli PZero women collection. I am not going to show everything from the collection. Just only one piece! 

Pirelli PZero black rubber high-heeled sandals, Daria! And they are part of the Diego Dolcini capsule collection. These heels are made from plastic and leather. Moreover, the Pirelli offers high grip rubber soles for the stiletto heels! I think this is a technology transfer from car tyres to women shoes. And the rest is the same, shoes! 

Honestly, they don’t look that bad but I have no idea what women customers think about these shoes :)

And price of PZero high-heeled sandals are now €245 with 50% discount and available in three different colours; black, navy blue and bordeaux.

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Land Rover Defender in Animation: Land Rover Italy

Land Rover Defender is one of the toughest proper SUV or four by four vehicle on the market. Defender looks simple and functional, does its job properly!

And recently Land Rover Italy created some videos that are representing the abilities of Land Rover Defender in four different funny animations. 

I really loved the sense of humour and the way Land Rover Italy showed the functionality of Defender in such a nice way.

Don't forget to watch all four videos in the playlist :)

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Three MiFi Mobile WiFi Hotspot: Product Review

Three Mobile WiFi, MiFi is a device that is mobile and offers wireless internet wherever you go. But that’s not a mobile phone. For many people it is a bit confusing. Mobile wireless internet and it is not mobile or USB dongle. It is called MiFi!

And why do you need mobile wireless gadget and from Three as well? If you are going around different cities and need to have an internet connection all the time, you would either pay to wireless hot spot all the time or use your mobile phone’s tethering or buy a mobile wireless internet. 

I tried the first one, paying to hotspot and after the second time, I realised that I would definitely spend a lot of money on this. So, I tried the tethering with iPhone and it did not go quite good! Because, iPhone loves to dry out the battery and using tethering boosts this effect!

And I finally decided to buy a mobile wireless gadget! Unfortunately, they are not cheap like USB dongles. And I checked prices of the mobile operators and except Three, they were more or less the same. And I risked my chance and bought a Three MiFi device 18 months contract for £10. 

Unfortunately, Three does not have a good reputation for signal reception. I heard complains about this. However, I avoided all the negative comments and bought one. And I was expecting to have a bad reception but things totally different. 

Three MiFi had a very good reception whenever I used and I used in mainly between Birmingham and London. Especially many times inside the Virgin trains and it was working great despite being used in a train journey. 

Also, I lost signal many times but at those places, the other operators did not have any signal as well. So, my experience with Three went quite well. But this device is not a mobile phone and designed only for internet, so I have no idea regarding to making calls with Three. However, their infrastructure is doing quite well with mobile internet. 

I managed to achieved average of 1Mbit download and upload speed with Three MiFi. Docking station was also included in the package and it can be charged very easily with any USB cable. However, always fully charge the MiFi before you go out for a journey!

I forgot to turn on Airplane Mode On 

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