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April Fools Start!

April fool ads started to appear on internet. And two of them from BMW, as usual :)

BMW M3 Pick Up and Royal Edition

April fools is continuing with Land Rover's new invention called On The Level. The self-levelling tax disc holder technology. Police suffers from looking at tax disc on different angles and Land Rover decided to develop a technology to prevent any health problems. Honestly, health and safety legislation can take this serious and make it compulsory in 2012 :))

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Maybach, just Maybach!

I don’t like to talk about the same brand all time but sometimes, I break this rule. Seven years ago, I saw the Maybach with my eyes and it was standing in front me. I still remember the every moment with that unbelievable car. Maybach had the every technology, incredible comfort at back seats, amazing quality. Nevertheless, it did not have enough stamina to catch the Rolls Royce Phantom and it was obvious from the beginning.

I wanted to look at Maybach’s website to see, are there anything new !?! Unfortunately, nothing is new. I remember the 2004 again, the technology, the design, the quality remind the same. I salute the PR agency, which made the website and the content, because it is describing every technology like something new. But most of the technology is not new, actually it is out of date!

The most eye-catching part of the website is Five Speed Automatic Transmission. It was first introduced in 1997 and Mercedes kept in production until now in E Class. In 1997, it was a great technology but time has passed and five speed automatic became something really old. Now the competitors offer up to eight speed! This means, less emissions, less noise, better acceleration and refined driving. Mercedes is trying to get rid of this old gearbox but it will take more time. I think many people can ignore this fact in E Class but when it comes to Maybach (Costs lots of money), it is serious issue.

This technology is out of date and it cannot be placed in a car, which is targeting Rolls Royce and Bentley. They both offer much better technology. In terms of manufacturing, it is really hard to this kind of fundamental part of the car but they have to do it. Of course, it won’t change their sales figure but at least it will be an afford!

In my opinion, until 2013 nothing would change in Maybach and its sales figure will go down, down and down!

Original text from the website
"In addition, this transmission features a torque converter lockup clutch, which can also be engaged in the lower partial load and speed range. Rapid adaptation of the transmission to the prevailing situation is made possible by continuous electronic comparison of different influencing factors such as rolling resistance (load, gradient) or driver reactions (accelerator movement, frequency of manual gearshifts, the vehicle's longitudinal or lateral acceleration).

A program selector button allows the driver to choose between the "S" (Standard) and "C" (Comfort) shift programs. For better control when starting, "C" mode features second-gear start and a higher reverse gear.

Further features include a mechanical lock which prevents the vehicle from rolling away when the selector lever is in position "P", as well as a preventive measure against unauthorised operation of the selector lever."

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Car of the Day #3 London Double Deck Bus

It is hard to ignore the legendary London Double Deck Bus!

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Bentley Collection with Parker Pen

When you think about Bentley, what do you remember?

Let me give you some clues; expensive, luxury, exquisite. I guess you did not remember this cheap! Theoretically, Bentley cannot be associated with cheap and nothing can be cheap from Bentley. It is against its DNA structure; expecting something cheap from Bentley is similar to expect a Lion to ask for vegetables!

Unfortunately, the lion eats vegetables. Yes, I found something really cheap in Bentley. This thing is extremely cheap, I guess even the Ford merchandise cannot offer something cheaper than this. As you see in below, that’s a Parker Rollerball Pen! A Parker pen in Bentley Collection website just for £7,92. I am not converting this into other currencies because, it is really cheap in terms of any currency on earth!

I am really shocked with this pen. Bentley supposed to offer expensive and reasonably priced stuff under the collection brand and they end up with a Parker pen. Sorry, I am really disappointed! I guess, they forgot the first rule of Collection store; do not sell anything which can be found in store, which does not have any brand at all. Parker is sold on everywhere; even it is sold in stores that do not have a name on their doors. And the brand is sold at Bentley Collection.

My advice, please remove that pen. It is totally collapsing with Bentley’s brand identity, associated adverse meanings to brand and makes it pathetic.

If you want to buy it, click here.

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Me and Bentley
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Schumacher Smile

There are two things are well known about Schumacher; he won F1 championship for seven times and he does not express any emotions. I just skipped the part, which he turned F1 into something boring by winning all the time.

Recently Mercedes realised that Schumacher is not smiling and losing the F1. So, they decided to show his sense of humour and proof that he can smile, despite the fact that his fans are overtaking him in each grand prix. Hamilton said, Schumacher is my childhood hero and now he is overtaking him. Really interesting condition! And this might be the cause why Schumacher never smiles on TV, my observation and interpretation. But the footage is changing everything! Schumacher Smile.

Let’s go back to Schumacher smile; Mercedes released this new footage to increase the motivation to for its pilots to overtake everyone else on grid, like last year everyone did it to Mercedes. Both Schumacher and Rosberg are sending each other drinks in a restaurant. Each time, they are sending something bigger and bigger. Similar to Mercedes’s engine range, bigger and useless (S65 AMG). In the end, Häkkinen is sending Redbull to each of them and footage finishes. What we learn from all these things? If you want to win, don’t release motivational footage, just win!

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BMW M3! Oppsss, that's our logistical support vehicle!

BMW M3: This week there was something really interesting on internet, BMW M3 pick-up! Many websites suggested it was a new concept vehicle and it is under testing stage. Lots of people blogged, tweeted and comment about this weird looking vehicle. As a result of this superb motivation it ended up with nearly seven millions of Google search result. I am sure that, it did not happen in couple of days but during one-week time, it boosted the postings

After this unexpected pictures, BMW recently announced that M3 pickup is used only for logistical support and nothing more than that! That's not true, with those pictures BMW engaged with word-of-mouth on social media and this means, free advertisement and increase on motivation to seek for BMW. Usually this is achieved by expensive ad campaigns but this time, BMW just showed its "logistical support" vehicle and let others to advertise on BMW! Excellent strategy and is shows that BMW knows the power of social media and how it can help to promote it brand.

By the way, in couple of years later, we can see a pick-up version of M3. In automotive world, nothing is impossible. In 2002 Porsche said, we will never use diesel engines in our product range and now they have diesel Cayenne and planning on diesel Panamera. Don't be shocked if you see a pickup version of M3 in a dealer.

Lastly if it was a logistic vehicle, why it is under camouflaged? And why drivers are wearing helmets?

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Ford Fiesta with two air conditions!

New Ford Fiesta is one of the best looking cars on its segment. When you think about its price and its design level, it is really a great car to buy. Also, Ford recently added some new features like rear view camera, key less access, new sound system and some other things. The most interesting one is the air conditioning!

When you look at the Ford Fiesta’s UK web site, you can see that Ford was really excited while preparing the list. Because, you can have two individual air conditioning system in a Fiesta! And also you can choose manual or automatic for each one. More interestingly, first manual condition is standard on Edge model and second one is not available.

Of course, Fiesta does not offer two air conditions. Someone totally messed up the list and got confused. It is really obvious, they just repeated the same option with different condition! I see, you were in hurry but pay a bit more attention. You cannot offer an air condition, standard and not available at the same time.

I still like Fiesta, if they offer a double clutch automatic, instead of primitive four speed one, that would be a great pleasure to drive it ;)

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Cars of the Day #2 Porsche Panamera Turbo

This week's photo is a Porsche Panamera Turbo. The reason for placing this photo is the Panamera's state of the art rear wing. I did not have chance to show how it raise from body but it is amazing. This wing is not one peace, it is three pieces!!

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Blue Mercedes

As I said last week, I was planning to post only photos on Wednesdays. As usual, I check Daimler’s website which is the main company of Mercedes-Benz. And again I found something really interesting.

For decades Mercedes developed it ability to offer extremely limited range of colour on extremely priced cars! Whenever you look at a Mercedes brochure, the colours are mainly black, black, black, black, grey, grey, grey, grey, white, and sometimes they offer red or blue but rarely! But they know how to differentiate grey in one hundred tones and promote it like something different. Actually nobody can identify the difference between iridium silver metallic and palladium silver metallic.

With this approach to colouring, Daimler’s 2010 annual report is extremely colourful! It is so colourful, you cannot even read it! Titles, contents and some parts of the texts were written with a blue which makes it impossible to read. I think they never tried to read the document on a computer screen. I can only make this assumption, because it is impossible to read! I hope next year, the text colours will be preferred from a Mercedes car brochure.

Here is the Daimler AG's 2010 Annual Report

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Hugo Boss + McLaren = Don't Buy

I don’t want to use many words for this post. McLaren has never been my favourite car but I always admired its technology, even though the new MP4-12C sounds like a MP4 player. Despite their non-creative effort branding, McLaren decided to focus brand extension.

As McLaren and Hugo Boss have been working for thirty years, they decided to reveal McLaren Hugo Boss shoes! When you first read, you might be thinking Hugo Boss would make very stylish shoes. However reality is exactly the opposite. The McLaren shoes are the most terrible shoes I have ever seen. I don’t like to use this expression but they look terrible and nobody would like to wear them, unless people who love McLaren.

Hugo Boss could have achieved much better design! And I definitely sure about this.
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