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Turn the knob, feel the difference: Range Rover

Range Rover is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Since it was introduced the market, it became a benchmark for luxury off road vehicle. Every new Range Rover offered new technologies to market and also a new page for luxury. Actually Range Rover is popular for its luxury and it design. Even though the current model was introduced in 2002, it is still one of the best looking SUV on market.

However the German competitors did not watch while Range Rover was getting stronger with each new model and they introduced SUVs to compete with it. Of course, they could not create the same impact but Range Rover’s market share was eroded.

Especially with new Touareg, Range Rover became less sophisticated. VW put every kind of technology into Touareg and new Porsche Cayenne. I know that they cannot manage the same performance in off road conditions like Range Rover but they are not bad anymore. However they are not Range Rover! This is one of the key element of Range Rover, its brand. Without that brand, they cannot sustain their market against Germans.

Recently Range Rover made some changes in interior and in engines. Now it will be offering a new 4,4lt V8 diesel engine, I hope this will be lighter than the 3,6lt V8 diesel which was contributing the car to dive every time you brake. And new eight speed auto transmission for better fuel economy

These are the normal news for automotive but the interesting point development is the pointless gear knob. They replaced the gear lever with Jaguar’s gear knob to create a more luxury environment and turn many drivers crazy! Because, when you drive your three tonne Range Rover off road, sometime you have trouble to go forward. That’s normal with this weight, therefore you need to go forward and backward simultaneously to avoid unwanted incidents. In order to do this you need to select reverse and drive quickly. And this is easy with gear lever! However with this new luxury knob, I have no idea what will happen, when you have to go forward and backward in off road. Probably many drivers will complain as they cannot have same feedback like gear lever.
From different perspective; Samsonite replaced its sophisticated locking technology with zipper without any reason! For many years, it was very easy to close your Samsonite luggage. Now they thought that, it was not good enough let’s annoy people and replaced with zippers! Now it is totally disaster to closing a Samsonite luggage through zippers and I never heard anyone who liked this thing. I guess they wanted to create better looking luggage by ruining its practicality.

This is the same with Range Rover, they want create a more luxury atmosphere by destroying the most practice thing!


Pictures are taken from;
Land Rover and Samsonite Websites
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Eat ice cream, win Bentley :O

I don’t like to discuss about promotion in my blog and I never did it. But this time, it is totally different. For long decades many people wish to buy a Bentley and as expected they bought it in their dreams not while eating their ice cream!

Now, you can have a Bentley Continental GTC while eating your Magnum ice cream. I am totally serious, no joke! In Turkey this is possible now. Algida, Unilever’s global ice cream brand (in UK Wall’s) introduced a new campaign. You will eat your Magnum ice cream and send the code in your stick and you will be able to win Bentley Continental GTC. Unfortunately this is the slow model, they are not giving the GTC Speed, so I am not planning to attend to this campaign!

I am pretty sure that, Unilever will make enormous amount of cash from this campaign. Until now, nobody tried to give a free Bentley and especially in Turkey where the taxation is more than the price of the car. But motivation of having chance to win this car will be the new trend for this summer. Many people will eat Magnum may be they will try to their limits for daily ice cream limit. Probably this campaign will benefit the health service also, eating enormous amount of ice cream not only gives a chance to win Bentley but also gives a chance to visit a hospital.

Thanks to Unilever, this summer will be very hot! And unforgettable for many people. In 2001, Lipton Ice Tea was giving a free Mitsubishi EVO and many of us were drinking Ice Tea to have a chance to win this car. What happened next? Many of us, including me never drink Lipton Ice Tea since that year! Because, we drunk enough to cover a decade of ice tea drinking. I am absolutely sure that, this will happen to many people in Turkey.

Lastly, Unilever is increase their limit each year but there is a problem. What will you offer in following years? Bugatti Veyron? Offer Veyron the whole world will eat unbelievable amount of Magnum! And after that Unilever will have to offer a private jet and next year an Airbus A380 and in the end a space shuttle :)

The Bentley on their website is an American spec Bentley Continental GTC! You can understand from the side light in bumpers. If this is an American spec, it might have less horse power due to emission restrictions :) Serious problem :)
Pictures are taken from;
Bentley and Algida Websites
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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell: Soundless sport car :(

Today Mercedes released another amazing footage for Mercedes SLS AMG. The ultimate sport car, the ultimate driving passion and the ultimate car not to buy when you have the Ferrari 458! I cannot manage to love this car sorry :( I tried everything but it does not work. This is like forcing yourself to fall in love with someone. We all know that, this does not work! SLS AMG is sport cars which is trying to be retro.

Anyway, Mercedes’s new footage is from the SLS AMG E-Cell. The ultimate electric car, sorry electric sport car. As far as I realized, this car is fully powered by electricity not a hybrid. It will be a mile stone for electric sport car and a mile stone for drivers. Having more kilometres or having more power will be directly related with electric gadgets. More basically, if you are listening Britney Spears you might loss some range or power. Reducing the heat by sophisticated climate control will definitely kill your batteries and range; using headlights, brake lights and many more. Mercedes might also offer Mercedes Benz Generator for SLS AMG, as you will be running out of batter all the time. You will have generator to keep charging it :)

Okay, it is enough! The interesting thing in footage, there was no engine sound. All the time sport car footages are dominated by muscular engine noise and we all love it. This time, we could only hear some electric engine and tyre scrolling! I really didn’t like it. I won’t definitely buy a sport car which does not sounds like a sport car. No way! That’s the main point for buying a powerful, to hear the sound. Unless nobody is using those horses! So the future will be more quite and senseless to buy sport car.

Pictures and Video are taken from;
Mercedes Website
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Ferrari with decent back seats: MiTo

Hundred years of Alfa Romeo! 2010 is the 100th birthday of world's one of the most iconic and sexy car brand. Even the Enzo Ferrrari raced for Alfa Romeo before he established his business Ferrari. Everyone in automotive world had direct or indirect relationship with Alfa Romeo.

100th anniversary started on their website, I did not see any special 100th anniversary limited edition cars or anything else or any activity on Alfa Romeo dealers yet! I guess Alfa Romeo forgot that this year was the 100th birthday. At least they could have offered some limited editions to make this year unforgetable.

Actually they made a special logo and of course t-shirts and other thing with those logo on their online store. Actually I was going to buy a 100th anniversary t-shirt but the delivery costs 10€ and t-shirt costs 21€! Very interesting!

On Sunday, I went to a Alfa Romeo dealer with my friend. He is planning to buy a Alfa Romeo MiTo, which is my favourite sexy super car. For that price tag, you cannot buy something better. Forget Mini, it is just an overpriced German car, go buy an Audi A1 and you feel better inside.

The main thing which I like in MiTo is the DNA switch. This switch let's you to change the character of car by choosing from dynamic, normal and all weather. By choosing these three programmes, you are able to change the reactions of the car. This is a basic or cheap version of Ferrari's Manettino switch which you can find in F430, 458, 599 and 612 models. This also changes the driving character of the car by choosing different programmes.

There was something missing in MiTo and that's was dual clutch automatic gearbox. And hopefully, now you can have it in petrol engine! I don't want to discuss about engineering thing, basically this automatic is extremely quick to your responses and you will be changing gears like in F1 car. Actually Ferrari 458 and California have the same transmission. It is excellent, don't buy the manual :)

All these technologies can be read from their website and you will not be shocked when you experience them. However MiTo has something which usually does not appear in coupé Alfa Romeos! It has legroom in back seat :) I am serious, 1,86 metre adult can accommodate without any problem at the back seats :) So MiTo is small Ferrari with proper back seat :)

By the way; don't miss to check matte grey Alfa Romeo Brera, despite its huge weight more than the moon, this car looks really great this new color.

Pictures are taken from;
Alfa Romeo and Ferrari Websites
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Small details makes the differences

I am sure many of you will say, why someone would write something like this! For that reason, I will try to make an introduction to break your biases :)

When we buy something, especially something which is very expensive, we want to buy the most original product of that brand. I mean there should be some original touches in that product to be differentiated from the others. And many brands are very good at doing this!

When you ask a lady, what you call original! She would probably say Christian Louboutin shoes, because they have red soles! These red soles made accidentally and it became trademark for Louboutin, honestly it is saving his business also! Easier to differentiate from other :) So, Louboutin shoes are always a desire for ladies and they want to buy the most Louboutin one. When you read fashion magazines, they will be discussing about some particular models which are never be out of fashion, you can wear regardless of fashion trend. That is Pigalle model! And every detail in these shoes are attractive for ladies, because they are stylish !

Porsche 911 Turbo, an automotive perfection! From manufacturing plant to screen wipers, everything is in a perfect harmony. There is nothing irritating in that car, even the mosquito will not enter to a 911 Turbo to ruin this perfection. I wrote many thing about 911 Turbo but recently I discovered something very attractive on this car. Those are the wheel nuts! Yes, you did not read wrong. Because, this car only have one on each wheel. Unlike your normal car, 911 Turbo has the same style of wheel nuts which you can find in Formula 1 or Le Mans cars :) Even if you have a flat tyre, you will be replacing in a stylish way ;)

Pictures are taken from;
Porsche and Net-A-Porter Websites
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Mercedes G-Wagon: Celebrity Wagon!

When you became a celebrity in Hollywood, there are customs which you must fulfil! You suppose to buy a very very big house with many rooms which you will never ever use it. You must buy many shoes, bag, hats, t-shirts from luxury brands. You should attend to every kind of party. You must pose on cameras and attend some pointless interviews. And many other things! It is obvious that you need to comply many rituals in Hollywood celebrity world!

However the most important thing custom to fulfil is to buy a Mercedes G-Wagon. Yes, you must buy the most off road oriented vehicle on earth, regardless of where you will drive! This is a must for any celebrity candidate. If you don't buy a Mercedes G-Wagon, you won't be a long lasting celebrity.

Honestly; G-Wagon is a great car, offers unexpected off road ability, contemporary retro design and many more things. And they are mainly focused on off road abilities. With G-Wagon, you can travel on every kind of terrain on earth, basically the best to drive around the whole planet. Unfortunately, these abilities do not come in a comfortable way. G-Wagon is basically designed for driving on place where there is no road exists. Therefore, everything is designed for that! Doors are heavy, steering is heavy, suspension is for off road, there is no electronic climate control, interior is angled, there is no sense of aerodynamics as it can be considered as a moving wall and there is no parking sensors for front. These might not sound ridiculous but when you start drive this car, you will notice all these things in your heart. Because, much cheaper alternatives will be offering much better comfort! But I don't know why, Hollywood stars want to exercise their muscles while driving a G-Wagon.

Actually, G-Wagon is one of the coolest car available. For more than thirty years, its designed never changed and it is a very iconic car. And most probably many Hollywood stars prefer this car because it is cool! Like everyone says, appearance is more important than sense of facts! I think for that reason, many celebrity do not drive G-Wagon for very long time.
Here is a small list of celebrities who are driving G-Wagon;

Ashley Tisdale
Audrina Patridge
Beau Dunn
Hilary Duff
Jennifer Garner
Megan Fox
Nicole Richie
Renee Zellweger

Pictures are taken from;
Mercedes and Celebritycarblog Websites
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A rare Mercedes S Class, from 2001

A few seconds ago I read something which really shocked me! Mercedes S Class is not something which can be called as "rare". You can see S Class in everywhere on earth, may be even in south pole. I never considered Mercedes S Class as a rare to discuss. It has a very wide range of engine choice which makes it impossible to be rare.

However, Mercedes did something in 2001! In 2001, the W220 code named Mercedes S Class was going around. Mostly S320 and S500 as usual and there was S55 AMG. But Mercedes silently decided to produce S63 AMG in 2001 with 6,3lt engine which produces 444 horse powers and 620 nm of torque. I know many of you don't care about the numbers but this 2001 S63 AMG is extremely rare! From the research I have conducted, I can say that this car was on production for a limited time period in 2001 and disappeared without even been noticed. From my research, I found out that it was produced based on request and there are only 21 of them were sold. And from the screen shot of Mercedes AMG's website, we can see that AMG manufactured a 6,3lt engine in 2001.

Finally, there is a rare Mercedes and that is a S Class. I am rare shocked with this news. I never expected to hear this from Mercedes. Hopefully, three decades later someone might  pay a reasonable price to this car in an auction. If you really want to be cool, try to find one of this car :) Don't confuse with current S63 AMG, this is totally something else :)
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Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: + 200 horses

In 1932, Empire States Building was the tallest building on earth. Many people thought that, it is impossible to go higher than this, the limits of engineering has been achieved. And is it necessary to have a higher building? We did not run out of land or anything else happened, so why we are going up and up! When you search for tall buildings, you will end up with many many building with great architecture achievements. Now there is a building which is 828 metres and built on sand! There is nothing left to 1000 metres.

Of course with these congested sky scrappers world, there is one tower has something very special. The Eiffel Tower; since 1889, its staggering 324 metres of height and its steel construction still nothing has replaced its position. When you talk about France, it is very hard to ignore Bugatti. Like Eiffel Tower, Bugatti is always the most powerful car of its era. Unlike Eiffel, Bugatti has chance to introduce more powerful cars :)

I am pretty sure that, many people were satisfied with 1001 horse powers of Veyron and they started to get bored! Like Eiffel Tower, it is tall but we want to see something different. That's only 1001 horses, we want more! And Bugatti listened those sounds and planning to introduce a more powerful Veyron for people who found 1001 insufficient for their daily trips.

Bugatti will be put 1200 horses into this new Veyron (Super Sport) and they started to receive the deposit payments. And it is not limited with more 200 horses, it will be 300 kilos lighters also. More power, less weight! The best combination for a car. You will have the all power on earth in a one single car! I really wonder what would be the top speed !?! And where you can achieve that speed :)

Like contemporary tall buildings, this new Veyron will be totally unbelievable but like Eiffel Tower, the first Veyron will be remembered! It is the first mass produced car with 1001 horses.

Pictures are taken from;
Bugatti and Eiffel Tower Websites

Technical Data are based on website.
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Making the impossible, Valentine's Day movie :)

In Hollywood movies computer effects became a part of the business. Movies without computer effect cannot be imagined right now! Of course, using computer effects makes their job easier but addiction to computer effects sometimes causes funny mistakes.

Valentine's Day movie there was not any computer effects and it does not need though. But we know that, car driving scenes are shoot either in front of blue screen or towed by a truck. In both cases, the car is not driven but it does not mean that actor should not act like driving. However, while we are watching the movie we should feel that everything is real! Because, we want to believe it like that :)

But they forgot something while shooting this movie, cars do not movie while gear is on P (Park position). This means car is stationary, not moving, parking and what so ever. You cannot move the car while the gear lever is engaged on Park position, it shoud be on D (Drive); it is impossible to move in P :) And here is it, a movie mistake!

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6th Month

Today is the 6th month of my blog! Since I started writing on December 19, 2009 I received 2592 visitors from 74 different countries. And I would like to thank you to all companies who read and keep reading my blog; Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), Aston Martin Lagonda Limited, Ferrari S.P.A., Fiat Group Automobiles S.P.A., Facebook Inc., Ford Motor Company, Google Inc., Mercedes Benz Polska, MB Turkey, MB Canada, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Siemens, Toyota Motor Marketing Europe Brussels and many other firms.

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Mercedes McLaren SLR Stirling Moss Edition:The best and most forgotten

Sicily, where the Mediterranean sea meets with pure enjoyment of sun light. A great place to spend your holiday and experience Italian food. You will be forgetting daily stresses and refresh yourself.

However, Sicily is not a place to eat and swim! Sicily is the place for racing :) From 1927 to 1957, Sicily held Mille Miglia open road racing. What is Mille Miglia? It means thousands miles racing through the road Sicily. This is not a ordinary race with safety cars and thousands of cameras catching every single point. This race was drawing the between best and worst. Drivers, cars, team everyone was under heavy stress to finish this impossible race in public roads. As they push harder with drum brakes cars, they came closer to see their life like a movie! As you can expect, the cars racing at those years did not have sophisticated safety technologies like now. Actually, racing in Mille Miglia was racing with yourself!

In 1955, Stirling Moss and Dennis Jenkinson with Mercedes 300SLR finished this 1597 km dangerous race in just 10 hours, 7 minutes and 48 seconds and average of 157 kilometres per hour. Basically, they achieved a record which cannot be achieved now, I think so! in 1955, driving at the average of 157 km/h is totally unbelievable. There was not ABS, traction control, carbon fibre or anything else; they had only their senses.

Hopefully; before the contemporary SLR's production stops, Mercedes McLaren produced SLR Stirling Moss Limited Edition. Unfortunately, senseless SLS AMG's PR campaigns shadowed the only SLR worth to buy!

This car is a combination of past and the future. In every single detail, you can see bits from the original 300 SLR and modern racing technology. This kind of integration between past and present cannot be achieved very easily. It could end up either too present or too past. But this did not happen with this SLR.

Probably in future, this SLR will be one people be paying huge amount money during the auctions. Sorry but the normal SLR will stay normal. And if you ever visit Sicily, don't forget remember the Mille Miglia.

Pictures are taken from;
Mercedes, Autospies, Wikipedia Websites

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