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Christian Louboutin 2013 Collection in Selfridges Birmingham

Christian Louboutin 2013 collection in Selfridges. This was first time to take photos of the iconic fashion brand Christian Louboutin. Until now, I was taking photos of the cars that are quite big objects with lots of details. Sometimes it was taking half an hour to picture a car. Hopefully, high-heeled shoes do not have extreme interior detailing like a Rolls Royce. So, I assumed it won't take so much to take photos.

However, there is another challenge with the shoes! Christian Louboutin 2013 collection is literally endless in Selfridges Birmingham! Louboutin offers many different types of shoes to many different customer ranges. As a result of this, you end up with an endless collection. From flats to sky-scrapper heels. If you are planning to buy a pair of Christian Louboutin, go for the highest one! It is like buying a new smart phone, no one wants to buy something slower!

If you are planning to buy a pair of Christian Louboutin. Selfridges will definitely satisfy your needs! And you will feel like you are in candy shop :) Literally, there is a pair of Louboutin for any taste. Honestly, I am really impressed with the creative work of the Louboution. It is not easy to create a very wide range of product every season. Cars companies have at least seven years to design a new car!

Here is the list of the Christian Louboutin from Selfridges Birmingham store:

Highness 160mm
Pigalle Spikes 120mm
Lady Peek 150mm
Yolanda Spikes 120 mm
Zoulou Kid 160mm
Bianco Spikes 140mm
Cataclou Calf 140mm
Highness Crepe 160mm
Daffodile Cotton 160mm
Guerilla 100mm
Pigalle Plato 120mm

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New BMW X5 Photos and Details are Revealed!

New BMW X5 photos and details are revealed, finally. New X5 does not look something different than the preceding model. The main reason is, BMW X5 sales figures are very robust and they don’t want to scare the potential customers with a new radical design. Despite the resemblances to preceding X5, the new X5 offers state-of-art aerodynamic design; Air Curtain, Air Breathers and Aero Blades. These are the part of the exterior design of the new X5 and enable to reduce aerodynamic drag. By this way, new X5 offers better fuel performance and complies with EU6 emission standards. 

And for the first time, BMW offers the X5 with rear-wheel drive option by sDrive25d model.

The engine ranges of the new BMW X5 are; 
(November, 2013)
xDrive50i V8 4.4-lt // 450 HP // 650 Nm // 0-100 km/h 5 seconds // 250 km/h top speed
xDrive30d 3-lt // 258 HP // 560 Nm // 0-100 km/h 6.9 seconds // 230 km/h top speed
M50d 3-lt // 381 HP // 740 Nm // 0-100 km/h 5.3 seconds // 250 km/h top speed

(December, 2013)
xDrive40d 313 HP | xDrive35i 306 HP | xDrive25d 218 HP | sDrive25d 218 HP

All models are offered with a 8-speed automatic gearbox with launch control function.

xDrive25d model will be based on 2-lt diesel engine and it will boost the sales of X5 in emerging markets where the taxation is biased on larger engine displacements. Thus, BMW will increase its market share very quickly!

Now you can have individual 2 seats at the rear with X5 and you have the all comfort, memory function, heating and cooling. Suspension system is revised as well, Comfort Active offer air suspension at the rear axle for better comfort. Or you can order the Professional Adaptive Suspension and experience the air suspension comfort with agile handling defined by active roll bar stabilisation. 

The technological features of the new BMW X5 are; BMW Head-Up Display with full spectrum of colours and new display content; BMW Night Vision with human and animal detection and Dynamic Light Spot, Lane Change Warning, Speed Limit Info, new BMW Parking Assistant with longitudinal and lateral guidance, Surround View with 360-degree display, Driving Assistant including Lane Departure Warning, plus Collision Warning and Pedestrian Warning with braking function; Driving Assistant Plus additionally with Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function including braking to a standstill, Traffic Jam Assistant with active speed and steering angle control without driver input; extensive range of mobility and internet-based services such as Concierge Services, Remote Services, Intelligent Emergency Call, Real Time Traffic Information, internet access, in-car use of Facebook and Twitter, dictation function with full speech recognition for emails, SMS and memos, online entertainment.

The interesting new feature is the Proactive Drive Assistant, which checks the upcoming road conditions such as hill or cornet and advise driver to break or reduce throttle for better fuel consumption. This feature is also available with Rolls Royce. 

Lastly, new BMW X5 is the lightest SUV on the market and 90kg lighter than the preceding X5. 

My personal opinion, new X5 offers a very elegant design and looks way better than the new Range Rover. Nothing is exaggerated and very refine. Technological features are head to head with Mercedes M-Class and 10.25-inch screen is larger than M-Class screen! Engine options are hugging new markets and reduce the cost of owning a luxury SUV. Overall, if you are not going for serious off road, new BMW X5 is the best SUV on the market.

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