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Gold Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes just revealed the most interesting car. Gold covered Mercedes G-Class! G-Class is the tough SUV of Mercedes and nothing really changed since it was first built in 1979. Despite its old look, it is one of the coolest SUVs on market.

After this gold layer, G-Class shifted into a different dimension. I have nothing to say! A car covered with gold, what is more to come?

Based on my experience in automotive industry, you may see this car in London this summer. I am sure some customers of Mercedes will insist so much, they will have chance to own a gold covered G-Class. 

There are two mistakes with the photos. First mistake is, Gold G-Class is photographed next to a Porsche 911. And second mistake is, anyone who buys a Gold G-Class will never ever lives in a house like this :)

Full album is available on Facebook Page: 

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Pirelli Fashion PZero Fashion

I want to start with a simple question, what does Pirelli do? The answer is simple too, manufactures tires. Second question, what do you expect to buy from Pirelli? Car tires! Unfortunately, the second answer is wrong. Thanks to their brand extension strategy, you have the opportunity to buy whole range of fashion items from Pirelli, not only for men but also for women.

This new brand is called PZero and Renato Montagner is the creative director of PZero.

The whole collection is mainly concentrated on rubber, which is not something surprising. But the real surprise is the price tag! A rubber rain jacket for women is €590, a comfortable rubber high heels are €189!

The design concept is amazing, I cannot say anything negative about it. But the main problem is, who is going to buy them? The men department promise better future than the women. Still, why women ignore the other brands and pay €590 for a rubber rain jacket from Pirelli and €189 rubber high heels!

I really wish to have a chance to talk with their team about the future of PZero brand. I think they are trying to introduce PZero alternative to Porsche Design. Brush steel vs Rubber!

The online store:

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate

I have never been a fan of estate cars like many people. I really don’t know and don’t understand why people love to drive an estate! Guessing the answer, it is practical and has more boot space for families. They are right but I still don’t like the estate concept!

Anyway, Mercedes E-Class estate offers something really interesting for its segment; a seven seater! Actually they offer this seven seat option for estate E-Class for very long time. And differentiate it from its competitors. But it also creates a rear side travelling trauma.

If you pay attention to position of the sixth and seventh seats, you can clearly see that they are heading to opposite side. While the rest of the passenger heading to forward while travelling forward, sixth and seventh passengers will head to backward, which can make some people really sick! Similar airplanes, Mercedes should also offer some sickness bags!

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Mercedes-Benz Perfume

Mercedes released another interesting product to market, a men perfume! They mention that, it is the first fragrance from Mercedes for men! And I hope that it will be the last!

I still cannot get the point of smelling like a car brand. I tried couple of times with Ferrari but never made a sense. Cars do not smell nice, they are made from metal, plastic and sometimes wood and leather. Wood and leather might smell nice but I don’t think that anyone is willing to smell like a leather.

I really wish to receive a tester from Mercedes to try their new fragrance. According to Mercedes’s product life cycle, there will be a face-lifted version of this fragrance around three years later and a new one seven years later :)

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Car of the Day #33 Bentley Mulsanne

Finally I spotted the new Bentley Mulsanne. It looks stunning from every angle! And thanks to Jack Barclay London for the hospitality :)

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Crash Test @ 193 kph (120 mph) in Ford Focus

Many people may not have heard of the Fifth Gear. Unfortunately, it is not well known like Top Gear around the world. However, Fifth Gear always provides critical knowledge about road safety. Recently, they did an extreme crash test with a Ford Focus.

They tried to see what would happen when you crash a Ford Focus to a concrete wall at the speed of 120 mph (~193 kph). This speed is the triple of the usual Euro NCAP crash tests and never been tested. Also, concrete wall increases the impact more than the deformable wall! Just watch the footage and see, what would happen if a car crashes at the speed of 193 kph!

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Mercedes-Benz Steering Wheels are the same!

Interesting coincident with Mercedes models. When you take a closer look to new Mercedes models, you will see one thing in common, the steering wheel. I know it does not sound that important but, Mercedes offers the same steering wheel on these models; B, C (Sedan, Estate, Coupe), E (Sedan, Estate, Coupe, Cabrio), CLS and SLK

The important point is, regardless of the model and the price tag. The steer wheel looks the same, in terms of design and quality. And this is not something really nice to see, when you buy an expensive Mercedes!

Why they do it? In order to save costs, because nobody will ever change decision to purchase a competitor because of the steer wheel. And this save money for Mercedes and sustains the same sales figures ;)


C Sedan

C Coupe

E Sedan


E Coupe


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Porsche Design Useful Things

Porsche Design always surprises me with their impressive product extension. This time they started a new line called Useful Things! If you are worried about, there is a big gap in your life without Porsche Design while doing some particular things, you have the chance to fill it now.

Recently I saw some of the Useful Things at Porsche Design London store. Unfortunately, I saw some of them; Soup Set, Tea Set and Chopsticks. I am sure that, many people are feeling the emptiness of Porsche Design while drinking a soup, eating a sushi and preparing a tea. These useful things will make your life wonderful while lighting your wallet :)

The whole list of useful things can be found here;

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Second Hand Bugatti Veyron

I always do my best to prepare article that are demanded by my readers. And for long time, I noticed that many people on Google looking for a reasonably priced second hand Bugatti Veyron. I do know that, it is a very big problem. Veyron’s production come to the end and many people are desperate own one.

Hopefully, after very long research I found one in London. 2009 model  Centenaire Villa d'Este Coupe with only 1,056 miles and coloured with blue and shining metal just for £1,100,000 :) This is a limited edition, a bargain!

Here is the link for the car :)

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Car of the Day #32 Jaguar CX-75

The latest concept car from Jaguar, just taken yesterday. There will be more photos in following weeks!

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I will be in MIPAA Conference and I will take a very early train to London! No post for today :(

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New BMW 3 Series

The new BMW 3 Series is revealed to press. Finally, we have a very beautiful new 3 Series. I felt the same like in 1998, when they revealed the E46! This new generation looks amazing, probably the best looking car in its segment. Not only from exterior, but also from interior! Unlike other brands, BMW increased the quality of materials used in interior and created a higher-class atmosphere. If I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t write it.

The front of the car has common bits from the 8 Series. Unlike previous generation, BMW did not try to create something unusual, they transferred the new design philosophy into new 3 Series. And they did a great job!

Some technical info, this new 3 Series will have Active Protection system. This is not a bullet-proof technology, this technology identifies a possible crash through various sensors. Then, fastens the seat belts, closes windows and sunroof and if necessary applies brake. But I don’t know whether the car will apply full brake power or not. This technology was available in Mercedes under the name of Pre-Safe and BAS Plus. It is good to see it on other brands. If you are looking for x-Drive versions, you need to wait until summer 2012!

And don't worry, there will be a hybrid version as well ;)

0 – 62mph SecondsTop
speed Mph
Combined MpgCO2Emissions g/km
BMW 328i Saloon£29,060  2453505.9 (6.1)155*44.1 (44.8)149 (147)
BMW 335i Saloon£35,525  3064005.5 (5.5)155*35.8 (39.2)186 (169)
BMW 320d Saloon£28,080  1843807.5 (7.6)146 (143)62.8 (64.2)120 (118)
BMW 320d EfficientDynamics
£28,080  1633808.0 (8.1)143 (141)68.9 (68.9)109 (109)

*Electronically limited.

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New Porsche 911 iPhone and iPad Application

Porsche just released an iPhone and iPad application for the new 911. I didn’t have chance to try it before, and today I installed the application on both iPhone and iPad. It is really well made application, you have chance to see the new 911 in closer with high quality details, and learn the details of new 911 with an interactive movie. 

The exterior is not something different but it is good to see the interior before having chance to see the new 911 at showrooms.

The application performs better image quality for the interactive video at iPhone, just keep in mind. And it is more than 400 MB, quite big application for 911.

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