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Senna and Ratzenberger

Seventeen years ago today, one of the most tragic accidents occurred in history of Formula 1. Two drivers lost their lives. Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger. 
Time is passing quicker than I thought!

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Renault Latitude vs. VW Passat CC

Today I read one of the French magazine called Le Point. As I don't know French, I didn't understand anything! But suddenly I noticed the picture of Renault Latitude. There was an article about the car, probably a review of test drive by Emily Ryzat.

The interesting thing was the picture. Latitude was not something really different in terms of design. Especially, it reminded me another car! Such as, Volkswagen Passat CC. Just ignore the Renault logo from the front grille and you end up with Passat CC. The grille looks the same. This is really something unexpected from Renault. They always have a unique design concept.

I don't like Renault cars but they always had a unique design concept which is mostly relies on their concept vehicle. But Latitude was a great shock for me, it was something similar to a competitor’s car. I know the Renault is trying to change it brand image and willing to be perceived as a premium, there is no problem with that.  Renault should not change its design concept. The main problem is, their production quality and reliability. They should transfer these two things from their competitors, instead of design concept.

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Renault and Volkswagen

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Achtung: Citroën

I was lazy last month and I couldn’t read my magazine on time! I always try to keep up with the journalist but sometimes they are faster than me! Anyway, recently Fifth Gear presented the Citroën DS3 Racing model. As I don’t like French cars, I didn’t pay attention. It is fast, good looking and that’s all.

Actually that wasn’t all, this new DS3 Racing was named totally wrong. French marketing people forgot their mother language. It should have been named as DS3 Super Léger (Super Light). This small car, which is a slightly bigger than a very well feed cat, only weighs 1165 kg. That’s nothing in terms of automotive, just 1.1 tonnes. And this car has decent airbags, air condition, seats, four wheels, one transmission and one engine. That engine produces 200 HP of power! When you combine 1.1 tonnes with 200 HP, it ends up with zero to one hundred kph in 6,5 seconds. That's really quick.

This car is beyond my expectations from boring Citroën. I am really serious, this car changed the rock solid brand image of Citroën in my mind. Even though, I don’t like manual gearbox, I wish to drive one of them. And I am sure that, it will be a great experience.

By the way, the next Citroën WRC car will be based on this one!

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Car of the Day # 7 Maybach 62

I found something interesting in my photo archive from 2005! A Maybach 62, the long one. At that year, it travelled all around the Mercedes-Benz dealers in Turkey to find someone who is willing to pay for €800,000 for a car. But it failed! As you the S-Class was cheaper and sharing many things in common, also the five zeros in price tag flatten out the motivation to buy one. Interestingly, it looks the same in 2011!

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Women Driving Shoes from Jill Ciminillo

If you have noticed that, I am trying to highlight the issue which were mentioned on Google search. I can see the search queries which end up in my blog. And one of the serious issue is best driving shoes!

When you visit a department store, you can find hundreds of driving shoes in many different colours. If you check the internet for driving shoes, you can find millions of options with unlimited price range. If you check Twitter, you can find some and that would be the most eye-catching one.

I have been following Jill Ciminillo for long time. She is a car journalist in USA. And she is really lucky, from her twitter I can see that, she drove more cars than her shoes closet! For last couple of days, she was tweeting about Hyundai Sonata. This is my least favourite car on earth. I never drove it and I am not planning to drive it in near future. Even if I was so obsessed to drive it, it is really hard to find a Sonata in Europe.

Anyway Jill posted a picture today on her twitter, which was something usual but the content was unusual. She posted her shoes, actually her driving shoes. Unfortunately, they were for ladies! They were not from Adidas, or Kurt Geiger or Nike. She told me that they were from a brand called Pelle with five inches of heels! Sounds weird for driving shoes but I told you, twitter is the solution for complicated answers :) And after her twitter picture, we finally have the best female driving shoes :)

If you are female and looking for a driving shoes, here they are :) And Sonata does not look that bad!

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Hyundai, Jill
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The Aston Martin Song

Free PR campaign! Just watch the video clip below and you will see what I mean! This kind of "I have money, I can buy LV" was something normal in video clips, even showing cars were normal. But I have never seen a song written for a car, Aston Martin. I think the company did not have anything to do with the writer, he expressed his ambition on Aston Martin through lyrics.

The song is not that bad and if you don't watch the video clip, you may not understand it was written for the Aston Martin.

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VW Beetle: A new car

VW revealed the new Beetle.

The engine is still sitting in front of the car and drives front wheels! Still, it is not a rear engined, rear wheel car :( For me; Beetle means a car which has the engine placed at the back and drives the rear wheels. I do know that mass production of contemporary world does not allow this. However, VW has enough money to do this! I hope one day, we will have a proper Beetle with an engine placed at the rear.

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Proper Ferrari Watches

I think there is no one on this planet who does not know that Ferrari sells millions of product with it badge on them and charging lots of money. And people like me go and but the! We know the trick but Ferrari knows how to play the game.

Nearly for six years Ferrari offers watches in their stores. Usually they have a very cheap mechanism and they cannot be considered the as a good watch! I know, because I have one and broke down twice. Hopefully it is does not have the Ferrari DNA, in terms of servicing. Because, the mechanism is extremely cheap. There is no need to worry!!

Ferrari did not stop selling this type of watches but finally they revealed the Panerai series of watches. For those of who don't know the Panerai, it is one of the best watch manucfacturer place in Switzerland and they offer automatic mechanisms in their watches. This means, the watches are product of high engineering, unlike battery powered watches they have a very complicated system and you don't need to replace their battery. Therefore, they are more respected in terms of watch business!!! As they have a very intensive manufacturing process, their prices are not similar to battery powered quartz watches.

This new series priced around 5000 €, which is very expensive for many of us but in terms of watch world, they have a normal and may be cheaper!! Actually, Panerai is not a cheap brand and they are very expensive in dealers as they add lots of profit. If you planning to buy a state of art watch, just buy from Ferrari store, it would be the best option.

If you are planning to buy one, click visit Ferrari's online store.

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Car of the Day # 6 Ferrari Enzo

This is the 500th post in this blog!

Yesterday I did not have chance to post an article in my blog, but they are ready for Thursday.

As usual, today is the car of the day. The picture below is the proof of my first visual experience with Ferrari Enzo during the summer 2009 in London.

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Audi A What

As we all know that cars do not have the technology to be in stealth mode. Especially luxury brands, it is nearly impossible to ignore them. I am sure that, if it is possible to have stealth mode in cars, it won’t work with luxury brands. They are theoretically and practically impossible to ignore. They are designed for this; they have to show their price, reflect the wealth of the customer and diversify their selves from the other cars at any condition.

Unfortunately, this theory does not work with new Audi “A What?” model. Audi did not reveal a new model called “A What”. Actually new A6 is the A What? New Audi A6 is nearly impossible to be identified at anytime and mostly at night! Last week I saw a new A6 and I wasn’t sure whether it is the new one or not.
It looks the same as A4, similar to A8 but you can diversify by their size (Hopefully!). Front look is a photocopy of A4, it does not look big and it does not look really different from the previous model. I know it offers lots of new technologies and nice interior but exterior is not that good. I was expecting to see something really sensational but it is just a interpretation of A4 and old A6, that’s all.

Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 Series and Jaguar XF look much much better than the new A6. And this proofs that, Audi targets to a new market! People who want to own luxury cars but do not wish to be spotted! Here it is the new Audi A6, the best way to go stealth mode.

Karl Lagerfeld has a bag, which say “Karl who?” Because many people gives that reaction, when you say his name. And he found a very nice solution to this. I think A6 should have a package like this, A What Package with matte black, black wheel, black leather and extreme matte black car cover!

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Me, Audi and Karl Lagerfeld

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