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Range Rover with more fashion

The best thing about automotive industry is, you can learn different brands all the time. I am sure many fashion addicted people knew this brand but I have just discovered it by Range Rover, Marchesa. When I first read this brand, it did not remind me anything. I had nothing to write or say. My brain searched for data but the result was no files found!

Marchesa is a British brand found by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig in 2004. It is quite new, actually as old as the Discovery 3! Anyway, when I checked their website I realized why I never heard of this brand. They only design night dressed and it is quite impossible see them at day time.

The reason why I mentioned here, Georgina’s video on Land Rover website. She described the Range Rover much better than many car fanatics, actually better than many dealers. She highlighted the diversifying character of Range Rover very simply and clearly. You can watch the video below and summary is Range Rover is made of pure luxury!

Okay, I know Germans offer much better technology, this obvious but they are leak of product soul and adequate luxury. I have never seen a BMW X5 with these luxury details.

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Porsche Design Underwear !!!

I was wondering how Porsche Design can challenge the boundaries of product line extension. From mega yachts to whole kitchen design are the boundaries of Porsche Design. However they did not feel comfortable with all these and they decide to introduce something more elegant. Underwear!

I have just spotted Porsche Design underwear in online store of Adidas. I can understand everything from pencil to kitchen furniture but underwear! Who wants to wear a Porsche as underwear! I really wonder why they trying to push the artificial creativity for their clothing section. Current collection is adequate to generate money, many people buy Porsche Design clothes but underwear. This is the most pointless invention from the Porsche. And interestingly they did not offer their best colour, the grey! With price of €36, £32, $50

And some comments from fashion bloggers;

@iconjane: seksi araba tasarlayan seksi ic camasırı da tasarlayabilir, neden olmasın... (sexy car designer can design sexy underwear, why not!)

@Sigmaypsilon: very interesting porsche design underwear! Wish place in market the same quality underwear for women, with porsche design lingerie.

@modacadisi: daha önce de dediğim gibi, sadece araba tasarlasınlar :) (As I previously said, they should only design car!)

@ffffashiomixxxx: yuk, disgusting

If they are still struggling to find a new idea, I have one. Porsche Design coffee beans, with this product consumer can experience the feeling of 911 while drinking a cup of coffee. Actually, there is one possibility. They can offer four different coffees. First one will be the cheap one and does not offer something really special expect being light taste, Boxster. Second one will be a bit more expensive than the first one and offers a bit stronger taste. Third one will have twenty different variations under it and it will reflect 911. It will be more expensive, stronger, distinctive taste and smell and twenty different types. Fourth one will have less caffeine, more relaxing, beans will be light brown coloured and also size of the beans should be huge. Last one will be exotic one from a mysterious part of the world, when you drink this coffee you will smell and taste something really different does not have relationship with the rest of the range. And it will be called Cayenne!

You welcome to use my coffee idea and if you could manage to product 5 + 20 different coffees, please send one set :)

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Fiat 500 by Gucci

Car and fashion brand engagements are very familiar things in automotive industry. But most of the time, nobody hears anything about that and it stays hidden forever. This time, it is different with Fiat 500! My favourite car and one of the best looking one on market, and probably the cheapest one.

Fiat and Gucci introduced the Fiat 500 Gucci model, this strategy is not limited with car but also Gucci has a special collection for 500. Sound really nice and creative. As a matter of fact, people who are planning to buy this car may not able to effort The 500 Gucci collection. Price tag of this car is only €17000 and that’s not something very expensive for a “car”, meanwhile a bag from The 500 collection might be more expensive than the car :)

I really don’t like Gucci brand because of show off style but 500 looks really nice with Gucci touch. As a matter of fact, the car on picture has a very high suspension setting! I hope they won’t sell the car with this setting, unless it will ruin the all picture!

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Mini: Rocketman

Today’s bigger news was Ferrari FF’s live press conferences. However there was anohter news which was skipped by all of us. Mini’s sexy concept car Rocketman!

Until now I have never ever had any sympathy to Minis. I always found them too snob and too expensive and could not generate a bond between their design and my expectations. However this new Rocketman is something totally different than others! This car is really small, unlike its big siblings, this car is only 3,5 metres and that’s all. A proper Mini, which has the same DNAs with the original Mini.

Unfortunately this retro style length comes with a compromise, actualy it will have adverse effect on your Facebook friends. This car only accommodates three people, that’s all. Two in front and one in the back. But this triangle accommodation has a great advantage. The doors and boots open in a way no body can ignore it. If BMW product this car with these doors and boot openning style, their sales will boost. People would buy it just for this engineering excellence. In addition to its erotic doors and boot, it only consumes 3lt of petrol!

I think this is the best Mini of the century. I would definitely buy this one.

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Kylie Minogue, Range Rover and Pyramids

Recently a new Kylie Minogue album has released, Aphrodite. I didn’t have chance to listen the album but its cover is really amazing! And I confused when I first heard of Kylie Minogue. Actually it was around in mid 1990s and she was looking stunning and very young. Years has passed grew up, many things changed on earth but she still remained the same! Nothing has changed with her look, she stills looks stunning and young :)

So Kylie’s revenge against time reminded two things. One Pyramids and second Range Rover. These two things on earth never look old or out of date. Pyramids are still state of art engineering and architecture miracle, despite their very plain triangle design, they are most eye catching human made structures. Even though there are some taller buildings than Pyramids, they could not replace their place.

And also Range Rover, this current model was introduced in 2001 and it is beyond average vehicle life cycle time frame. Usual life cycle for European cars are seven years and they always been replaced with a new model. However Range Rover only had several facelifts and strengths its place on market. Even though if you see a 2001 model, it never looks old and it won’t look old.

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Rolls Royce: Electric Powered Palace, Sorry

I was expecting to read this news for a long time, an electric Rolls Royce. I know many people would think, there is no point to have an electric Rolls Royce or who is going to buy it! Actually those people miss one single point, Rolls Royce is owned by BMW. And BMW is keen on developing efficient vehicles and introduced technologies like Efficient Dynamics (And yesterday introduced its Intel CPU branded vehicle range i3 and i7). From this ambition, I was expecting to see a hybrid Rolls Royce. However Rolls Royce disappointed me and revealed an electric powered one!

That’s true, the mobile British palace Rolls Royce is going to have an electric version and it will be based on 102EX concept which is basically the Phantom. RR Phantom is my favourite car, this car is the definition of exquisite luxury and passion. Even though it is built by BMW, you don’t notice any BMW bit at all! It has best exterior design, best interior, comfort beyond your imagination. And a front grills which always remind me British Museum.

Let’s go back to electric RR. Phantom is a really huge car and despite its aluminium structure, it weight 2625 KG. And this makes Phantom one of the fattest cars on market and very hungry one. It is consuming or eating around 25lt/km (12mpg) in city! And we all know that, test figures cannot be achieved by normal human beings. So they are impossible. With a very basic analyses, in order to move this huge object with electric power; Phantom needs to carry batteries which should be able to power British Museum for one week! And this means extra weight. And this reduces the range.

Electric Rolls Royce is an important milestone for ultra-luxury vehicle segment and it is important to see that RR is adopting new driving technologies, and aiming to reduce consumption levels. However I still wonder how RR will manage to move this vehicle with batteries. Current battery technology is not very effective, if you don’t believe just check your laptop or mobile phone. They are still in huge size, despite the improvements in gadget technology. I am really looking forward to hear about the range and battery size! They will be impressive like its front grilles!

Last point, that’s LED powered flying lady will be requested by some customers. I am pretty sure about that! Don’t be shocked if you notice that LED lady on a RR driving along the street.

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BMW i-Series: München, we have a problem!

Today BMW announced their brand “i”. i branded vehicles will be devoted to battery power and establish mobility services. These new car will have carbon fibre and light weight concept as we all expect to see. There is nothing very surprising or unexpected.

These new battery powered carbon fibre structured vehicles will be named as similar to your computer’s CPU, i3 and i8! I am not joking BMW introduced a car named as a CPU. Intel already uses i3 for its relatively slow CPU mostly found in low end laptops and PCs.

I think in couple of days, we will see that Intel will be warning BMW to alter its i3 brand name (Intel has i5 and i7 brands as well). Honestly, I could not understand how they missed this point!

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