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Kia pro_cee'd GT vs.

Kia pro_cee’d GT is the new rival of Golf GTI segment. Please don’t start moaning about Kia and why I mentioned in my blog. Kia is different now, it is not the same company ten years ago. If you still think, Kia has never changed and everything is the same; I assume you might be thinking the world is flat despite the proof of photos! So, we are over with this discussion. 

pro_cee’d GT has one of the most interesting name. Because, it is really hard to type on keyboard! This interesting character is not limited with the keyboard, pro_cee’d GT is designed by the Peter Schreyer. He is the person who responsible for this magnificent change in Kia. Especially, Peter Schreyer’s design philosophy is focused on form follows function and every design detail of this car has a reason to be there.

Now, let’s talk about VW Golf GTI vs. pro_cee’d GT discussion, which would never end. I know Golf GTI is an iconic car, I don’t argue with that but you are not ignore the fact that pro_cee’d GT is a very good car. What I like with pro_cee’d GT is the 1.6-lt turbo petrol engine with 204 HP and 250 Nm of torque. If a car company offers a small sized engines with lots of horses packed inside means one thing, they invest on new technology. This engine accelerates pro_cee’d GT to 100 km/h in 7.7 seconds and the top speed of 230 km/h. However, it offers only manual transmission! Unfortunately, I am against manual transmissions in this era. They are old technology, they are not efficient, they reduce the ability of controlling emissions when you compare them with double clutch gearboxes! I am 32 years old and supporting automatic gearboxes since 1997. I really don’t know why the year 1997.

Anyway, if don’t have a subconscious trauma with manual gearboxes or obsessed with double clutch automatics. Kia pro_cee’d GT will offer you a great driving experience, way better price than its competitors and magnificent look. I really loved the LED fog light lights. And this looks really amazing! Don’t recall your old memories with Kia from 1998, everyone changes :) 

And also, Kia pro_cee'd GT offers suede and leather upholstery :)

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Chanel, Once Upon A Time by Karl Lagerfeld with Keira Knightley

Chanel, Once Upon A Time by Karl Lagerfeld. For many people Chanel brand is strongly associated with the iconic perfume, No.5 and a story of success. However, Chanel brand did not start with a sonic boom like we experience with every new brand. And Karl Lagerfeld made a short-film to celebrate Chanel's 100th anniversary of their first boutique in Deauville Normandy. Coco Chanel is played by Keira Knightley.

The short film is fantastic and Chanel shows us how to use YouTube and create your own channel that features really high quality content. Also, high quality content need big budget, never forget this!

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Kate Upton Plays Flip Cups

Kate Upton flips cups. Vaw, that’s very fantastic news to share on a blog. I can hear your voice in my head! And that’s why I wanted to share the special moments of Kate Upton playing flip cups game at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

We have missed Kate Upton during the summer and she didn’t release any viral videos like milking a cow or dancing the new version of cat daddy. Hopefully, Jimmy Fallon saved us and played flip cups game. And Kate Upton mentioned that she didn’t attend to university!

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Need for Speed Movie | Unfortunately

Need for Speed movie will be in theatres on May, 2014! I am really sorry to reveal this news from my blog. Since the catastrophe of Fast & Furious haven’t end yet, we have another catastrophe on theatres and it is called Need for Speed.

Need for Speed game has a special place for me. I remember the first day I played the Need for Speed at my PC on 1996! Despite the poor graphic and lack of real driving experience, it was a fantastic computer game! I really loved it. And the rest of the Need for Speed series were fantastic. Especially, the Need for Speed Porsche Edition started my love towards Porsche cars. And each year Need for Speed became better and better.

I was expecting to watch Need for Speed movie but Fast & Furious disaster ruined my brain. Honestly, I cannot find a reason to watch Fast & Furious. It is more eccentric than Jack Bauer on 24! If Fast & Furious was not released a single movie, I would love to watch Need for Speed but I don’t find energy to watch it.

However, based on my emotional bound and subconscious memories of Need for Speed, I will watch the movie :)

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Roma non fu fatta in un giorno means Rome wasn't built in a day

Roma non fu fatta in un giorno means Rome wasn't built in a day. I didn’t start learning Italian or try to impress people who visit my blog. I always wanted to explain what I experienced whilst keeping this blog alive for nearly four years.

I can write about my blogging experiences as a separate blog. Many people think, blogging is just pressing buttons on a keyboard. If you are approaching to blogging like this, you might be thinking Charles Dicken’s novels are just pieces paper, air pilots are only pressing buttons to fly a plane, lawyers are making money by talking or a photographer is just pressing a button. If you are approaching to world like this, unfortunately you need to think again!

If something looks very simple to do it, believe me it is one of the hardest things on earth! You cannot be a journalist to Financial Times easily! You might be thinking, journalist are just pressing button on a keyboard but the important thing is to know which button to press. Pilots are pressing buttons, pulling levers and the rest is done by airplane’s computer. But the important thing is knowing which buttons to press and the degree of lever to take off. Lawyers are talking and all humans are talking but they know what to say at the right time.

When you don't know the details of very simple looking thing, you cannot do it.

So, blogging is similar to that. Most of the services are free but reality is not like that. You need to buy cloud storage, domain name, applications and many other things. And also, you need to create a new content all the time, you need to know the search engine optimisation thing, you need to keep your moral high all the time despite the Google’s sudden revisions, you need to bare negative comments from jealous people, you have to keep up with new technology to extend your work on new platforms, and you need to find a place among millions of blogs.

A blog is not built in a day. It takes a very long journey to achieve this and if you are reading this post and never been to my blog before, I can explain my achievement by Rome wasn’t built in a day.
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New Range Rover Evoque Video with Mercedes-Benz Flag

New Range Rover Evoque for 2014. Actually, Evoque looks the same but they updated the technological features and introduced a 9-speed automatic gearbox. Now, Evoque is capable of engaging the four-wheel drive system on demand. However, unlike other conventional systems, Evoque is capable of driving pure front-wheel drive and engages the four-wheel drive system in 300 milliseconds! Also, there is a new e-diff at the rear and distributing the torque between the rear wheels for increased handling and better off road performance. Also, new Evoque can exit from the park, can sense the rear traffic and closing rear vehicle. 

More interestingly the Evoque’s new video “taken for a ride” features a Mercedes-Benz flag from 1:55 to 1:57! That is exactly two seconds of Mercedes-Benz advertisement on Range Rover Evoque’s YouTube video.

Anyway, with these new improvements of Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover states that they are more competitive than before. And Evoque feels fresher!

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Gisele Bündchen for Chanel Beiges Video

Gisele Bündchen became very popular in UK's advertising spaces thanks to H&M campaign (#GiseleforHM). The previous sentence is total crap, before the H&M campaign she was popular! And I thought there should a place where you can find her Chanel Beiges video. Actually, that place is called YouTube. But I always aim to provide a public service that enables internet users to find videos of super model in one place. And I think, I am doing very well.

Okay, let's move to the subject. Here is the Gisele Bündchen for Chanel Beiges. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on this product because, I am not a beauty blogger :)

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IOS 7 Real Clock Moving

Apple IOS 7 was the biggest news last week! I still cannot understand why we are obsessed for a mobile operation system. I still remember the global launch of Microsoft Windows 95 on 24th August, 1995. Microsoft managed to create the same sensation like IOS but never managed to kept the momentum and Apple took the role and turned IOS into a sensation.

And IOS 7 is the first IOS after Steve Jobs. Many people, like me never liked some of its features. However, there are some very clever bits. Such as, the clock app icon is a real clock that moves!

This is what I call attention to details!

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How Supercars Look Like at Night from Rear-End

How supercars look like at night from rear-end! I have written about this a few days ago and the creator of the infographic get in touch with me. Don’t worry nothing is wrong, he listened the social media and improved his work with new vehicle. 

The designer of the infographic is Marius Saukevičius and his website is I hope that his future works will be appreciated like this and we will see more of his works in future.

I think based on my review, he added the McLaren P1 :)

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Giuseppe Zanotti Latest Collection 2013

Yesterday in London, I managed to spot Giuseppe Zanotti fall / winter 2013 collection. As you expected, Zanotti combined the classic lines with very high heels, and created a unique collection.

Actually, they had flat models but I know, you want to see the highest ones! So, here are some of the latest collection of Zanotti.

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