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The Most Expensive Belt by Bugatti

A Swiss company, Roland Iten decided to make a Bugatti branded belt with a price tag of €60000. Bugatti belt features Swiss watch engineering, I have no idea why you need a belt with serious engineering. And this €60000 belt is only limited to 44 items.

Anyway, I won't be surprised if they go bankrupted. Regardless of the brand and the technology, that's a belt! It keeps your trousers at desired level and also improves your style. But €60000 for belt is a bit too much. 

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Roland Iten
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Love Actually 2 Trailer | Unofficial and a Bit Fake

Love Actually 2 trailer is on YouTube. I know you got excited when you read the title, like I do. However, there is no official Love Actually 2, but there is an unofficial Love Actually 2 trailer.

If you were born in 1990s, you literally have no idea about the movie Love Actually in 2003. Anyway, this year, it was the tenth year anniversary of the Love Actually. It was a British romantic comedy for the Christmas with many celebrities. 

Actually, I have just realised that Denise Richards was starring in the movie, it took more than ten years to realise and three times of watching the movie. Better than never. But I remember her from the James Bond movie.

Unfortunately, there is no Love Actually 2. Instead of that we had many senseless and pointless and meaningless movies with lots of cars going really fast and many people are jumping like Super Mario and they made second, third, fourth. But we didn't have Love Actually 2, they even did American Pie Reunion!

Anyway, I love the fake Love Actually 2 trailer and you can see how characters in Love Actually ended up.

And sorry Denise :(

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What to Wear with Christian Louboutin So Kate?

What to wear with Christian Louboutin So Kate high heels? First of all you need to own a pair of So Kate, okay it was very bold statement. Anyway, if you are planning to own a Louboutin So Kate or already own a pair or dreaming of owning one, here are some style tips from my blogger friend, Duygu.

If you wish to find out more about Duygu's style combinations with Christian Louboutin So Kate, just check her blog. By the way, she recently gave a birth and lost the weight, I am sure she mentioned all about these on her blog.

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Duygu Senyurek
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The Most Eccentric Video of 2013 | British Airways Airbus A380 vs. Bryan Habana Race

The most eccentric video of 2013 is British Airways A380 vs. Bryan Habana race. Bryan Habana is one of the fastest running rugby players from South Africa. And British Airways decided to make race between an Airbus A380 vs. human. And guess who won the race?

Bryan Habana won the race and everyone was surprised. But it is not a shocking result. First of all, A380 does not have a traction on wheel, it is not like in cars. A380 needs lots of engine thrust to move its nearly 400-tonne body! Even the four Rolls Royce engines capable of generating 70,000 lbf are not enough to accelerate A380 very rapidly. Therefore, a human can accelerate way faster than A380 in a certain level of distance. 

Therefore, Bryan Habana won the race! 

Photos Credits
British Airways
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McLaren MP4-12C: Dubai Police Car

Dubai Police forces added a new high speed patrol car to their fleet, a McLaren MP4-12C! MP4-12C designed by Frank Stephenson and I know that Frank did not intend to design a car as a police vehicle. However, Dubai is a different world and they love to employ very fast cars to their police fleet. 

McLaren MP4-12C is powered by a twin-turbo 3.8-lt petrol engine with 626 HP and 600 Nm of torque and needs 3.3 seconds to reach 100 km/h. Top speed is not limited to 250 km/h, it is 329 km/h. Get the wind behind you, it will reach 330 km/h!

Photos Credits
Dubai Police
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Why I am single? The Solution is a Samsung Galaxy Gear

Why I am single? Very simple question and commonly asked by many people. Despite the sophisticated communication tools, people are desperate to meet with each other. And that’s why dating apps are the gold mines in digital world. 

I think Samsung realised the problem of being single and decided to market their smart watch Samsung Galaxy Gear. The scenario is very simple, one boy has a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a Samsung Galaxy Gear watch. Basically, he is a nerd and has no chance on this woman. However, this is an advertisement and he impresses her with a Galaxy Gear that has a battery life less than a day. 

The functions of Galaxy Gear; video recording, voice recognition, phone calls, music player and etc.  impresses her. However, Galaxy Gear does not have enough battery power to impress a woman all day. Galaxy Gear will run out of battery during the video recording and the whole show off or impress campaign will be ruined. 

The other guy has a mobile that is not connected with a smart watch and he fails all the time. But he should worry, next year Apple will introduce something like iWatch.

The end line; if you don't want to stay single go buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a Galaxy Gear.

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Latest Louis Vuitton Advertisement with Marc Jacobs

Louis Vuitton’s latest advertisement campaign with Marc Jacobs. Designer, Marc Jacobs dedicated his final collection for Louis Vuitton. And the women who inspired him. And these are the women who inspired Marc Jacobs; Catherine Deneuve, Sofia Coppola, Gisele Bündchen, Fan Bingbing, Caroline de Maigret and Edie Campbell. 

The Spring/Summer 2014 advertisement campaign of Louis Vuitton features the women who inspired Marc Jacobs.

Photographer: Steven Meisel
Hair: Guido Palau
Stylist: Karl Templer
Make Up: Pat McGrath

Photos Credits
Louis Vuitton
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Kate Upton's Latest Movie: The Other Woman Trailer

Flash news! Kate Upton's latest movie, The Other Woman trailer is out now. Only couple of hours ago 20th Century Fox revealed the trailer video on their official YouTube channel. And here it is. 

The Other Woman stars are Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. And the movie will be in theatres on April, 2014. Don't lie, you will be looking forward to watching this movie.

Photos Credits
20th Century
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4th Year of My Blog

Everything started on 18 December, 2009 in Istanbul. And I still remember the first time, I started this blog. However, all those years passed so quickly. I wrote 1620 articles, including this. I managed to reach 212 different countries and territories. 1.2 millions of pages are read by people. Countless blogs copied my content. And many other things. 

I really wonder when this blog will stop or when I will stop writing and it will be silent place. I really don't know. I always plan to give a break for one week but I never did it. 

Lastly, I know the content of my blog is not personal but each post reminds a moment.
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Jaguar vs. Mercedes Chicken | Jaguar XJ vs. Mercedes S-Class

Jaguar vs. Mercedes chicken video teases the Mercedes S-Class Magic Body Control. And emerges the ultimate competition; Mercedes S-Class vs Jaguar XJ and the winner is Mercedes S-Class, unfortunately. Because, the new S-Class is the biggest gadget on this planet and it has every kind of technology that features on an Airbus. Except, emergency slides and reverse thrust and oxygen masks and pressurised cabin. But I am expecting to see these technologies on up-coming S-Class.

Anyway Jaguar USA decided to tease or make fun of the Mercedes S-Class’s very creative advertisement for the Magic Body Control that features a chicken. 

And what is Magic Body Control? It is basically, the most sophisticated suspension system on this planet. I think Mars Curiosity Rover has a very better system but it is on Mars at the moment and driven by aliens. The Magic Body Control scans the road with stereo cameras (I really don’t know why two cameras) and adjusts the suspension according to road conditions to offer the maximum comfort. Magic Body Control is more advanced version of Active Body Control (ABC). This technology is based hydraulic suspension and offers the Rolls Royce comfort with a lower price tag. Literally, S-Class is like an Easy Jet ticket when you compare with Rolls Royce Phantom.

On the other side is the Jaguar XJ from 2004, sorry 2013. Unfortunately, Jaguar XJ is not in gadget category. It offers some how technology but all those technologies were already available on W220 S-Class that revealed on 1998! Despite the aging technology of XJ, it looks way better and made from aluminium. And offers more sportive driving experience. And Jaguar wanted to receive benefit from the sportive driving character by teasing the Mercedes S-Class’s Magic Body Control technology. 

Fine, you are right Mercedes packs up the best technology with a very boring design. They call conservative, I called it boring. You cannot associate a S-Class with a young person. Even though the gadget lovers will love the S-Class but they will be hesitating own one due its face. On the other hand, Jaguar XJ looks amazing but that’s all. It cannot detect a speed bump and adjust the firmness of suspension or detect a bicycle on the road and break, cannot drive by itself on traffic jam, cannot stop itself by pre-sensing a crash. XJ is more emotional car.

Anyway, Jaguar will become viral and I am contributing to that. However, being viral will help to increase sales? Don’t think so. Which one I would buy? Audi A8.

And next post will be, how to be the top of blacklist of press officers in three steps :)

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