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Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Louis Vuitton men’s spring/summer 2014 Collection was revealed last week. And it was available to watch online, I hope you had opportunity to watch in my blog. Louis Vuitton’s ready-to-wear men collection is designed by Marc Jacobs. Despite the popularity of Louis Vuitton on handbag fashion, the ready-to-wear collection offers an exquisite and exceptional experience.

This season’s theme for the Louis Vuitton men collection is the freedom of the road and that freedom itself being luxurious. Don’t worry Louis Vuitton did not reveal a collection that is designed for robustness to cross the Sahara desert.

The most interest collection in this season is the grey jump with the grey shorts! I think some people may experience adverse weather condition with this collection :)

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Leica Mini M X Vario

Leica Mini M X Vario is the latest digital camera from the Leica. Mini M X Vario offers the world’s first APS-C CMOS sensor with on-board zoom lens. APS-C CMOS sensors are relatively larger than the traditional pocket camera sensor and offer better quality pictures. Leica Mini M X Vario offers 16.5-megapixel picture quality but megapixel does not mean everything. The size of the sensor and the quality of the lens are the main determinant to improve the quality of the pictures, otherwise increasing the megapixel without improving the hardware will not provide you any good quality. That’s why Leica is one of the class leaders to combine large size sensors with high quality lenses. 

Mini M X Vario offer 1080p Full HD video recording and sharing them on social media networks without the necessity of transferring into another gadget. The ISO range of the Leica Mini M starts from 100 up to 12500. Higher ISO level enables to take photos with low light conditions but try to increase shutter speed instead of that! 

And also, you have the full manual controls on Leica Mini M X Vario to control shutter speed and aperture level. The TFT LCD screen offers outstanding 920,000 pixel in 3”-inch! Lastly, you have the chance to take RAW pictures with the Leica, that’s a really big advantage in a small camera.

The price of Leica Mini M X Vario starts from £2150! And if you have chance, you can have a try at Mayfair, London store of Leica. Or visit the factory at Solms, Germany. You need to take a train from Gießen to Solms. If you miss the Solms station, you will see the factor on railway route.

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