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All Videos of TaxTheRich100 YouTube Channel

TaxTheRich100 is the most legendary and secret YouTube. And I decided to place all the videos of TaxTheRich100 in my blog. If you are interested on cars or watching TV news, I am sure you watched their videos. Off-road driving experiences of Ferrari Enzo, Jaguar XJ220 and Rolls Royce Phantom. Ferrari F50 burnout, Bugatti EB110 burnout, two Ferrari F50s tied together and reserve burnout. I think this was the most eccentric one! I have never seen two Ferrari F50s tied up together and performing reserve gear burnout. 

I did my best to figure out who are doing these but they are very good hiding their selves under the radar.

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How Volvo and Jean-Claude Van Damme Performed Split Stunt Video?

How Volvo and Jean-Claude Van Damme performed split stunt? I am sure you watched the video of Van Damme splits his legs between two Volvo trucks. It looks really scary. However, Volvo’s new steering wheel technology called Dynamic Steering system enables to control the vehicle extremely precise even on extreme conditions. And this is proofed by Van Damme, hopefully he didn’t fall off.

So how they did the split stunt video? There is a behind scenes footage and they explain the system and how safe it is for Van Damme. And Volvo emphasises that it will be performed by professional drivers without any automatic systems involved. 

However, I am not that sure about that. Because, the split stunt is extremely risky performance and anything can go wrong. There should be a failsafe system to prevent any accident. For instance, the Volvo trucks may be equipped with a GPS system that controls steering wheel or guide drivers but we are talking about centimetres here. If the truck steers 5-cm more than it should, there will be a catastrophe. So there is another solution, the white lines!

If you noticed, the Volvo trucks are driving through white lines. My idea for the Volvo split stunt video is, the Volvo trucks were following the white lines. It is possible! I am sure you heard the lane assist system, they follow the lines on the road and warns you if you are leaving your lane. I assume, Volvo trucks were fitted with this system and steering wheels were controlled by the software. And pre-programmed to departure for a certain distance from the other truck. 

Basically, cameras under the wing mirrors scan the white road lines and departure to second white line. Software can do this and it is very simple nowadays. As the Volvo Dynamic Steering system is computer controlled, so it is not impossible to perform.

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The Last Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo production ended! I want to say, finally Lamborghini stop making Gallardo. It has been ten years since it was first revealed and many things have changed since that time. Due to its very long product lifecycle, Gallardo lost it competitiveness among others.  Despite its age, Gallardo managed to reach 14,022 customers. And this makes the Gallardo the highest sales figures ever achieved by a single vehicle. 

The last Lamborghini Gallardo is a Rosso Mars Gallardo LP 570-4 Spyder Performante. It is powered by a V10 5-lt engine with 570 HP.

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Marilyn Monroe and Chanel No.5

What Marilyn Monroe wears to the bed? Just a few drops of Chanel No.5. This is latest video from the iconic French fashion brand Chanel, Marilyn Monroe and No.5. 

Where did Marilyn Monroe said this? She said these words to Georges Belmont for Marie Claire magazine on April, 1960 but never published.

Personally, I adore the Chanel brand. They did not manipulated by the popular culture and always their identity and exclusivity. And this video is a great example of this combination.

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Photos of Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan is finally revealed to public. It is the mid-size SUV based on Audi Q5! But it is branded as Porsche, so we will love it! Personally, I don’t like the Audi Q5 but I loved the Macan. Why? Because, that’s a Porsche. It is that simple! And what Macan means? Macan means tiger in Indonesian. 

Anyway, Porsche Macan is powered by two petrol and one diesel engine. Petrol engines are Macan S 3-lt biturbo 340 HP, 5.2 sec to 100 km/h, 254 km/h top speed and Macam Turbo 3.6-lt biturbo 400 HP, 4.6 sec to 100 km/h 266 km/h top speed. The diesel is powered by a 3-lt turbo with 258 HP, 6.1 sec to 100km/h and 230 km/h top speed. All engines are coupled with 7-speed double clutch automatic gearbox for seamless acceleration.

Also, Macan offers off-road experience by touch of a button. The off-road button increases the tension on the clutch, remaps the ABS and traction control. If the Macan is featured with air suspension, it will be raised 40mm. I assume Macan will cope with basic off-road conditions and won’t let you down. There is no low-range gearbox or locking differentials but you really don’t need them unless you go for serious off-road. Also, Macan may use the first gear as a low range like Cayenne does.

And also, you will have torque vectoring for faster cornering, radar guided cruise control, sport chrono pack for faster acceleration and Porsche experience.

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Sneak Preview of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 and Backstage Videos

Sneak preview of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013! Unfortunately, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is not live broadcasted. They record it early on November and broadcast on December. 

However, you still have chance to see some bits before everyone else. Here are some of the photos and backstage videos of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013. The show will be broadcasted on December 10 at CBS.

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