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Valentine's Day Present: Montblanc Valentine's Day Necklace

Montblanc Valentine’s Day Necklace, the critical day is coming and if you are reading this post, you are a bit confused for the present. Hopefully, you are in the right place! Montblanc revealed their latest jewellery collection recently. It is a large heart in warm pink-gold colour and paired with stainless steel Montblanc star.

According to Montblanc, the heart represents the universal symbol of eternal love and the star represents Montblanc’s enduring passion for the craftsmanship and design. However, don’t use the second part! If you buy this gift and say the slogan together, it will not end up pretty well! Because, second part will be perceived as showing off or posing. So just stick with the heart :)

Montblanc’s Valentine’s Day Neckless is priced at £230!

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Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe at University of Birmingham Campus

Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe, probably the largest coupe you could find on earth! Phantom Coupe is really really big car with a timeless and elegant design. I have just spotted a Phantom Coupe in the University of Birmingham campus. I have no idea who owns the car, but don’t be surprised if it owned by a student :)

Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe is not the fastest coupe or the best handling one. Because, that’s a Rolls Royce and those figures are not on their interest list. Also, the Rolls Royce owners’ interest. The magnificent look and state-of-art comfort hinder the performance figures and you will not bothered if a Ferrari over takes you.

Just to remind, you can adjust different temperature for the higher and lower deck of the centre console in Rolls Royce Phantom!

Here is the technical information of Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. V12 engine with 460 HP and 720 Nm of torque. 8-speed automatic gearbox with the top speed of 250 km/h, only needs 5.8 seconds to reach 100 km/h. And all Phantom range is made from aluminium! Consumption? It is a lot! I don't think that Rolls Royce owners are bothered with the consumption figures :)

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New Beetle Makes You Happy #gethappy: Super Bowl Commercial

Volkswagen New Beetle, definitely looks better than the first generation New Beetle but still front engine! However, this minor problem does not prevent people to smile according to Super Bowl  2013 commercial of Volkswagen.

As I am not from America, I couldn’t get the fun part of the advertisement but I can say one thing, everything except the New Beetle was coloured really badly :) I think that was the point of New Beetle commercial.

Actually, I was expecting something funnier however, New Beetle is way better than first generation :P

US spec Volkswagen New Beetle is powered by two petrol engine; 2.5-lt with 170 HP and 2-lt TSi with 200 HP. And one diesel 2-lt with 140 HP.

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New Volkswagen Golf VII 4MOTION: Four-Wheel Drive is Back!

Volkswagen Golf 4MOTION, what does 4MOTION means? We all know the Volkswagen Golf but 4MOTION does not spark any idea. The 4MOTION is the four-wheel drive system developed by the Volkswagen. 4MOTION system uses Haldex coupling to distribute the power between front and rear wheels. When there is no loss of traction, system diverts most of the power to front-wheels to improve consumption. However, when you drive on snow with Volkswagen Golf 4MOTION, the system transfer the traction to appropriate axle. EDS (Electronic differential lock) and XDS (Transverse lock) are available on both axles.

This time, Volkswagen offers the 4MOTION system in Golf with 1.6-lt and 2-lt diesel engines. So, consumers in emerging marketing will not be affected by high taxation due to larger engine size. The 1.6-lt diesel produces 105 HP with 230 Nm of torque, needs 11.8 seconds for 100 km/h with the top speed of 187 km/h, 4.5-lt consumption. The 2-lt diesel produces 150 HP with 320 Nm of torque, 8.6 seconds is enough for 100 km/h and top speed is 211 km/h, 4.7-lt consumption.

In my opinion, Golf 1.6-lt 4MOTION will be great car to drive and very efficient. Also, you will experience the advantage of four-wheel drive system. And you need pay only €1800 more!

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Agent Provocateur Valentine's Day Gift and Valentine's Day Advertisement Video

Agent Provocateur, the British lingerie brand and Valentine’s Day. The perfect combination! 

Super sexy and super expensive! I think no one is going to deny these facts. If you planning to buy a present from Agent Provocateur you will understand what I mean. Or just go and check their online shop :)

Hopefully, Agent Provocateur does not keep all the cash inside the piggy bank. They are great with YouTube advertisements.

Recently, Agent Provocateur released the Valentine’s Day YouTube video. It is amazing! I love the script and it is totally unexpected. You should watch the whole video, don't stop watching it.

Meanwhile, girl in the Agent Provocateur advertisement does have a Mercedes, I understand from the shinny key! And also, if you go outside to stop your car’s alarm try to take your flat’s key as well. Honestly, who cares about car alarms, they beep all the time :) Don’t be bothered with that ;)

There are some tips for Valentine's Day gift!

Agent Provocateur Mercy Skirt
Agent Provocateur Mercy Skirt £245

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