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Audi RS3 Front-Tyre Size Syndrome

I recently mentioned about the new Audi RS3's interesting tyres size measures (Previous post). The front tyres are wider than the rear ones. This is quite unusual in automotive world, usually the rear tyres are wider for more grips and the front tyres are narrower. And aesthetically, it looks nice too.

However, new RS3 has a different setting for tyre sizes and I assumed that, Audi did this to reduce the understeer by providing more grip on front tyres. And I asked this to Audi UK to test my hypothesis! I thought my assumption may not be right and there will be an another explanation for this. However I was right, Audi placed wider front tyres for more grip and reduce the understeer :)

Tyres: 235/35 Front, 225/35 Rear. Both of them are 19".

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Car of the Day # 25 Bentley Continental Supersports ISR Cabrio

Bentley's World Ice Speed Record model!

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Brabus Mercedes vs. Price Tag

Brabus, German modification company specialised with Mercedes cars. It is really hard to spot one on the streets, they are very expensive and many people reluctant to pay that amount of money for a modified Mercedes. However, there is a compensation for that price tag! They are fast cars! Even an AMG seems to be slow when it is compared with a Brabus.

Recently, Brabus announced the world's fastest four-seat cabrio. It is capable of doing 370kph or 231 mph. And accelerates to 100 kph (60 mph) in 3,7 seconds with 800 hp and 1047 nm torque powered engine. These figures are really impressive like its price tag, £421.000 still for a Mercedes. That is the only problem Brabus forgot to resolve.

For this amount of money, you may buy a house, couple of Bentleys, Ferraris, Porsches or Aston Martins. Think of any super car and think again with plural word form. Brabus is overpriced like a Tom Ford sweater. It offers a very high quality fabric with respectful design but in the end, that's a sweater. Like Brabus, whatever it offers, in the end that's a Mercedes. That's why, you don't see them that much.

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Brabus, Tom Ford
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I Drove It: Mercedes CLS 350 CDi

For the first time, I want to share my opinions on a car, which I drove recently. Usually I don't write about test drives but sometimes it is worth to share with you. Recently, I drove the Mercedes CLS 350 CDI. CDI means diesel in Mercedes language. As usual, I was expecting a senseless driving experience with the CLS. Most of the Mercedes vehicles I drove for last five years did not give the same pleasure like BMW. I mean the sportiveness!

But this time, things have changed. CLS was not acting like a traditional conservative Mercedes, it was offering a real driving pleasure. Unlike other models, new CLS was a like a magnet. Trying to grab you more and more!

Actually, it was very agile and nimble for a Mercedes on its size. The steering wheel was not like a Porsche 911 but it was much better than many other Mercedes. Diesel engine did not have any turbo lag during the acceleration and offers a very smooth ride. Additionally, the 7g Tronic plus auto gearbox had some reluctance for kick downs but that's acceptable (Actually many cars have this problem). Suspension was the standard steel springs, which are set to be sportive but also offer comfort. Don't expect the BMW style suspension settings from a Mercedes.

Unfortunately, interior had some plastic bits and they annoyed me. The plastic parts of steering wheel were below the Mercedes standards but the dashboard was covered with leather. A good trade off! The CLS I drove had the Distronic Plus function. This system is a radar guided cruise control and enables the vehicle to stop and go without the driver's interference on any pedals. Basically, you set the cruise control speed and just hold the steering wheel. The car slows down, accelerates and stops by its own. This function also offers the BAS Plus brake technology. This system detects a possible front impact and brakes the car autonomously, if the driver does not wish to brake!

Only one thing, I didn't like! That was the ESP button. Actually, there is no existing ESP button on dashboard. Mercedes engineers decided to remove the button and place it on board computer. This made is very hard to turn off and find inside the menu labyrinth!

For me, it is the only four-door Mercedes offers fun to drive function. Worth to buy? Yes! And you must have the Distronic Plus function, it is the most entertaining function in a car, I have ever seen :) And I love Formula 1 style rear fog light

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Topman vs MAN AG

Name similarity, it is very common with people. Especially, if you search your name on Google you will end up with many people have exactly the same name! Unless you are celebrity or a brand, that’s not a big problem. Unfortunately, for brand it is a problem.

Recently, I was checking the London Fashion Week’s website and found out that German diesel engine, bus and truck manufacturer MAN will appear on catwalk. Probably, it would be really hard to achieve a catwalk with trucks and buses. They are not designed for this purpose! At least, trucks and buses have wheels to move but moving the diesel engines on catwalk would be a disaster.

For sure, German MAN is not on fashion week. And there is fashion brand called MAN, actually that is Topman’s MAN but I couldn’t understand why they used MAN brand for the fashion week instead of Topman. Anyway, they probably never thought that someone like me will confuse these two brands :)

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New Porsche 911 (991)

My followers know that I don’t like to talk about the new cars in my blog. There are many places on internet, where you can find information about the new cars. But I cannot ignore the new Porsche 911! A few days ago official photos of the new 911 is released. And I didn’t wish to skip this news.

As usually, 911 doesn’t look that different. Honestly, since the first 911 nothing has really changed. So, preceding model owners happy all the time, they always have a nice looking car :)
But, this model changes everything. I think it is the best looking 911! The raising tail matches with the 911’s curve perfectly and big wheel arches completes the design harmony. New 911 has a great design composition.

New Porsche 911 is lighter, more economical, faster and more powerful!

Carrera: 350PS
Carrera S: 400 PS

Check Facebook Page for more photos.

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Car of the Day # 24 Lincoln Navigator

A five year photo. The petrol eater, Lincoln Navigator. I never like this car.

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Best Interior Survey: Jaguar XF, Mercedes E, BMW 5, Audi A6

For the first time, I will be holding a survey for four different car interiors. This survey is not sponsored by any company, I am just doing this to see which brand has the best interior! Unlike other survey there are no questions to answer, just a Facebook Like Button.

You may use like more than one car.

Please click to Facebook Like Button next brand name.

Jaguar XF

Mercedes E-Class

BMW 5 Series

Audi A6

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Long Term Test: Ferrari iPhone Sleeve

I just remembered that, I didn’t write anything about my Ferrari iPhone case, which I bought more than one and half years ago from Greece. I started to use this case every day since I bought it. So, it was under heavy usage period! So, I decided to take pictures of the current condition of the Ferrari iPhone case.

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Porsche Cayman & Boxster: Think Again

When you dream of something, usually you don’t consider the price! I think this comes from the dreams, the ones we see while sleeping not during the daytime. There is a no need use money in a dream, because you can have everything with no financial concerns.

During the day dreaming, we don’t care about money too. I was doing this for Porsche 911. It is a very expensive at everywhere regardless of ruthless import taxes. 911 is an expensive but this never let me down for dreaming. And I always thinking, why people buy Boxster and Cayman while 911 is available.

So, I decided to check the price of a 911 Carrera S (It would be easier to compare with Cayman S and Boxster S). And I immediately notice that, 911 Carrera S is price nearly twice of a Cayman S or Boxster S! My dream car 911 costs relatively too much for the Porsche range. Therefore, many people rush into Cayman and Boxster. Eventually, they are not slow either! Both of them accelerate quite well and offer many 911 technologies with a more reasonable price. And also, Boxster and Cayman are middle engine cars, they will definitely offer a unique driving pleasure. 911 is a rear engine, which means that are lots of weight on the rear wheels.

Buying a Boxster or Cayman is not a bad option for the start ;)

Honestly, Cayman S is not a bad option. For that price, it is better than a BMW Z4 and Mercedes SLK. They are not bad cars but Cayman is a Porsche.

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Maybach Video Clip with Jay Z and Kayne West

After the shock of Jay Z and Kayne West’s video clip of cutting Maybach into pieces, I found something more interesting! Maybach Music Group, you didn’t read wrong or I didn’t type wrong. There is a record label founded by the most stylish person at the Range Rover Evoque event with his sleepers, Rick Ross. Maybach Music Group seems to be inspired by the Maybach car, how I know? Just watch their video clip and you can understand it very clearly!

There is one thing, which I cannot understand for very long time! Why the rappers are obsessed with Maybach, not with Bentley or Rolls Royce. They use these brands on their video clips too but they have a high level of predisposition to Maybach. And the underlying reason is, they love Mercedes! What does this mean? They love Mercedes, Mercedes makes Maybach and they love Maybach. Very simple explanation for a complicated emotional bond.

I am very happy for one thing, Wilhelm Maybach never seen all these things! Who is Wilhem Maybach? Founder of Maybach brand, and he played key role during the first years of Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. Herr Maybach is a very respectful engineer and he had important role during the development of modern four-stroke engine.

Unfortunately, his brand end up with video clips :(

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Land Rover
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